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Pillars of the First Year Experience

Campus Connections

Campus Connections Logo
  • Making connections with faculty, staff and peers.
    • Developing relationships with peers who are providing academic support and social support.
    • Taking advantage of faculty support.
    • Identifying staff that will challenge and support you as you progress towards graduation.
    • Involved in campus activities, clubs, and organizations.

University Navigation

University Navigation Logo
  • Understanding how to navigate university policies, procedures and resources.
    • Identifying offices that are valuable resources in your Central experience.
    • Understanding basic academic policies and procedures and their impact on your progress towards graduation.
    • Comfortable utilizing online campus resources.

Academic Success

Academic Success Logo
  • Developing skills, tools, and habits that will aid in your academic success.
    • Routinely attending class and making progress towards completion of your graduation requirements.
    • Enhancing college success skills.
    • Developing familiarity with library resources and research methods.

Responsible Citizenship

Responsible Citizen Logo
  • Promoting student exploration and learning while preparing students for responsible lives in a diverse, interconnected and evolving world.
    • Exploring your own social background and characteristics through the lens of opportunities, status, power, and how you are treated by others as a result.
    • Developing an awareness and respect for others.
    • Recognizing the impact of your actions on the larger community.
    • Understanding the implications of your decisions, related to overall wellness.
    • Gaining an awareness of your own values within the context of others in your curricular and co-curricular activities.
    • Taking responsibility/ownership of your own academic and personal success.
    • Understand your rights and responsibilities as they pertain to the student rights and responsibilities policy.

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