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Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals


Q:     Who can rent gear from OPR?

A:      Students, staff, and current members of the Alum Association are all eligible for rental, however the prices are different. The student prices for gear are a bit less than the prices for staff and alum.

Q:     What comes with a raft package?

A:      Each raft package comes with one raft, six personal floatation devises (PFD), four paddles, and a hand pump.

Q:     Where is the best place to float?

A:      We recommend floating on the Yakima River, starting at Ringer Loop and ending at the Umtanum Recreation Center. It is the route we take when we have guided trips, because it is both close to campus and a good quality 2 hour float.  For a map, click here.

Q:     Can I make a reservation?

A:    Currently we are unable to do reservations. We are hoping to be able to do reservations again in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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