Operations Division Leadership Team Guiding Principles

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” - Jim Collins
To provide operational guidance to our division, we have adopted five guiding principles to inform our decision-making and path forward. These principles are specific enough to be meaningful but broad enough to remain relevant as our division and campus change. The leadership team in Operations have identified the following components of operational excellence as our guiding principles:

1. Service Quality

As a service-oriented division, we recognize service quality as our most important guiding principle and an outcome of effective implementation of the other principles. We define service quality as providing the right services, at the right level of quality, at a competitive price. As a leadership team, we recognize the difference between perceived service and expected service and we strive to always exceed our customers' expectations. We believe in measuring service quality subjectively and objectively but ultimately strive towards data-informed levels of quality.

2. Leadership Development

As a team, we believe leadership skills can be taught and must be deliberately pursued by the individual. We seek out leadership opportunities and we set personal leadership goals. We have the courage to recognize that leadership is learned from experiences, mentoring, and failures. As leaders, we take responsibility for our mistakes and we learn from our failures. We believe that leadership is a very personal journey but we ultimately measure our success as leaders by the success of the teams we lead.

3. Process Control

The Operations division is responsible for many mission-critical processes across our campus. As a team, we recognize the need to leverage and control our internal resources to improve operational performance across our campus, communicated through clearly defined metrics. We strive to align efficient, effective, and sustainable business processes with strategic goals and the needs of our customers. We understand the importance of coordinating and cooperating across divisions to effectively apply a business process management methodology.

4. Operational Awareness

"Know the score."
The Operations division recognizes operational awareness as a key aspect of successful decision-making and projection of future states. As leaders, we understand the importance of knowing the details of our operations (e.g. budgets and resources) but we believe knowing our people is our first priority. We see access to timely and accurate data, astute financial management, position control, and thoughtful resource allocation as critical aspects of this process. "Knowing the score" also means we track key performance indicators to align our operations with our strategic goals and we communicate the "score" to our teams and stakeholders.

5. Success Management

We believe in diversity and treating people with dignity and respect while providing a positive work environment where our teams can flourish and grow. We believe in engaging regularly with our teams and advocating for their success through consistent performance evaluations and the creation of professional development opportunities. We see a common scoreboard and consistently communicated metrics as an instrumental aspect of harmonizing large teams. As a team, we understand the importance of shared values and expected behavior to serve as cultural guardrails in daily interactions.