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Online Learning

Vanguard OLC

Vanguard-Online Learning Community is designed for faculty who have substantial experience with online teaching and are interested in investigating emerging instructional technologies, sharing their own best practices with their peers, and helping direct online learning strategies for the university.

Below is a list of past meeting topics. Click on a topic to view the recording:



February 20, 2015: Panopto Lecture Capture
Todd Weber (Management) introduced to our new Panopto lecture capture system, which allows instructors to record screen captures, voice over presentation slides, instructor video, and additional input sources. (This session was not recorded.)
January 23, 2015: Future of Education Technology

Chad Schone (Multimodal Education Center) envisioned the Future of Education Technology, from current trends (digitized classrooms, gamification, open education resources) to emerging technologies (personalized learning platforms, tangible computing) and beyond (retinal screens, holography, immersive virtual reality).
November 14, 2014: Online Tutoring
Sandi Gruberg (Learning Commons) presented the new CWU Online Tutoring Service, which offers writing and math tutoring to both online and university center students, with a live demo of the Canvas Online Tutoring Course.
October 6, 2014: MediaAmp-Canvas Integration
Representatives from MediaAmp provided a demonstration of their new integration with Canvas, which allows faculty to upload and manage streaming media for courses directly through Canvas.  (This session was not recorded.)
November 14, 2014: Online Tutoring
Sandi Gruberg (Learning Commons) presented the new CWU Online Tutoring Service, which offers writing and math tutoring to both online and university center students, with a live demo of the Canvas Online Tutoring Course.


May 30, 2014: Collaborate vs. Big Blue Button
Keith Monosky (Nutrition, Exercise, & Health Science) and Craig Hughes (Language, Literacy, & Special Education) compared the two web-conferencing tools available in Canvas for synchronous online meetings. (This session was not recorded)
April 25, 2014: ScholarWorks Institutional Repository
Talea Anderson (Library) introduced the new institutional repository for CWU faculty, students, and staff to showcase their research and scholarly output.
February 21, 2014: Mobile Learning
Mike Lane (Instructional Designer/Multimedia Developer) introduced mobile learning theory, pedagogical strategies, common tools, and the use of mobile technologies available in Canvas and MediaAmp.
January 24, 2014: Sloan-C Debrief
ITAM faculty who attended the Sloan-C Online Learning Conference reported back on their takeaways from the conference.
November 22, 2014: Streaming Video
Geri Hopkins (Instructional Design Librarian) and Mike Lane (MediaAmp Admin) demonstrated the Library's use of our new MediaAmp digital asset management system to support streaming video for online and hybrid courses.
October 18, 2013: New Canvas Tools
Delayna Breckon (Canvas Admin) and Joe Johnson (English, Faculty Fellow) introduced new tools in Canvas, including Attendance Roll Call, upgraded Conversations, Quiz regrading, and audio/video comments in Discussions.


May 17, 2013: Work/Life Balance for Online Teachers
Henry Williams (Advanced Programs) led a discussion of work/life balance and coping strategies to avoid faculty burnout in online teaching.
April 26, 2013: Canvas Training
Delayna Breckon (Multimodal Learning) led a Canvas training session for faculty interested in piloting the new learning management system. (This session was not recorded.)
February 8, 2013: Online Bibliographic Tools
Geri Hopkins (Instructional Design Librarian) introduced free web-based tools that students (and faculty) can use to manage research references and citations.
January 25, 2013: Student Collaboration & Career Development
Ron Tidd (Accounting) demonstrated his use of Microsoft Live and LinkedIn to promote student collaboration and career development.
November 2, 2012: iPad Apps for Teaching & Learning
Faculty from multiple departments shared iPad apps they use for teaching and learning: Aurasma, Ghostwriter, Collaborate, and others. (This session was not recorded.)
October 5, 2012: GoCentral
Chris Schedler (English and Multimodal Learning Director) introduced GoCentral--CWU's online communication and collaboration network.


May 25, 2012: Connectivity as Collaboration
Provost Marilyn Levine shared her vision of "Connectivity as Collaboration" through new learning technologies.
May 18, 2012Self and Peer Assessment
David Rawlinson (ITAM) presented on his use of the self- and peer-assessment tool in Blackboard to improve assessment of student work in online courses.
April 20, 2012: Blogs and Wikis
Patsy Callaghan (English) and Chris Schedler (English) presented on their use of blogs and wikis for group projects in online courses that involve collaborative research, writing, editing, and commentary
March 2, 2012: Online SEOIs
Tom Henderson (Director of Institutional Assessment) presented an overview of the campus-wide rollout of online SEOIs for all classes.
February 3, 2012: Disability Issues in Online Learning
Rob Harden (Center for Disability Services) presented on disability issues, ADA compliance, and support services for faculty teaching online courses.
November 4, 2011: iPad Apps for Instruction and Productivity
Speed-dating demonstrations to match faculty with the perfect iPad apps for instruction and productivity. (This session was not recorded.)
October 7, 2011Library Resources for Online Learning
Geri Hopkins presented on Library resources for online learning, including the new Library website, customized reference pages that can be created for online programs, online databases (for research and media), and procedures for the use of streaming video.


May 27, 2011: Bamboo Tablet
Demonstrations on the use of a Bamboo tablet for handwritten mark-up and grading of papers, mathematical equations on Whiteboards, drawing and painting applications.
April 29, 2011: Web-Conferencing Tools
Presention - Steve Stein (Mathematics) and Jane Whitmire (Mathematics) discussed their uses of Elluminate, as well as other synchronous communication tools, to teach their online math courses, conduct full class meetings, and tutor individual students.
Presentation - Chris Schedler (English) used Elluminate for students to present digital posters in an online literature course. Each student presenter phoned in a presentation while the digital poster and audio were broadcast to the rest of the participants via Elluminate.
March 4, 2011Jing for Screencast Videos
Demonstrations on the use of Jing to make short screen capture videos for computer program tutorials, online presentations, and audio evaluation of assignments.
February 4, 2011Blackboard 9.1 New Features
Jane Chinn provided an overview of the new features of Blackboard 9.1 prior to its official release to the campus community.
December 3, 2010ePortfolios 
Nick Schiavi (Blackboard) presented a demo of Blackboard's content management module to create ePortfolios for student reflection, assessment on the course and program levels, and career placement.