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Saving Files as Rich Text Format


Saving Files as Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Why save files in Rich Text Format before uplaoding them to Blackboard? This format allows those with different versions and brands of word processing programs to view them successfully. This format doesretain your special formatting and can be used for Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, AppleWorks (for the Mac) files of any versions. Please be aware that in most cases to open these files you must do so by opening your word processing program first and then go to the file menu and open the file within the application. The following instructions explain the process of saving files from within your wordprocessor in this format:

  1. Open up the word processing program you'd like to use.
  2. Open the document you'd like to convert to RTF.
  3. Choose File --> Save As on the menu bar.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, click on the Save As Type: drop down menu arrow and select Rich Text Format.

Note: File names cannot contain any special characters such as # % & . For example, if you have a file named: Paper #1.doc, rename the file to Paper 1.doc, removing the #. Submitting a document to your instructor with a special character will result in the instructor receiving an error when trying to open your submitted assignment.

saving a file in Rich Text Format


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