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Online Learning

Out-of-State Students

Authorized states for online courses and online degree programs:


Map of States CWU is Authorized to Accept Students


Non-Resident Waivers for Online Students:

  • Non-resident students enrolled in online programs: Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate students pay 100% of resident tuition.  Graduate Students pay 125% of resident tuition once the waiver is applied.
  • Non-resident students enrolled in online classes: Undergraduates and Post-baccalaureate students pay 150% of resident tuition. Graduate students pay 125% of resident tuition.

Please review the Waiver Policy Guidelines and contact the CWU Financial Aid Office to identify yourself as a student eligible for a non-resident online student waiver.


Qualifying States Disclaimer:
Central Washington University is not authorized to accept students into online courses and online degree programs from the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri. If you reside in a state listed above, you are ineligible at this time for admission. Please check back to our website periodically as new states will be added when we receive additional authorizations.


Internship Disclaimer:
Internships are not allowed or are restricted in states colored YELLOW. If you reside in a state with an internship restriction, please contact the appropriate online program advisor about internship requirements prior to applying to the university.

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