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Accessibility Studies - Complete Your Minor in One Year - 100% Online

This new minor prepares students to understand accessibility by applying universal design principles to all fields of study and careers:  business to sociology. Accessibility Studies provides opportunities to learn about barriers that exclude people with disabilities. Moreover, it serves to ensure that every environment will accommodate everyone, regardless of ability. Laws and accessibility requirements directly impact employers in all industries. And having employees skilled in this area brings added value to an organization.

          Contact: Naomi Petersen, 509-963-1481


Adminis​trative Management - Complete Your Minor Over Two Summers - 100% Online

The ITAM Administrative Management Minor is the perfect complement to any CWU major. Students will complete courses in communications, management and leadership while gaining a foundation of basic operations and strategy. Today, more than ever, students of any CWU major will benefit from the knowledge and application of Administrative Management in the global economy.



Anthropology Complete Your Minor Over Two Summers - 100% Online

Anthropology explores what it means to be human at all times and in all places. Anthropologists study cultural and biological diversity as it reveals our human potential to adapt and change. Anthropology minors choose three introductory courses from archeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and/or linguistics and three upper division courses in consultation with an advisor.

              Contact:  Lene Pedersen; 509-963-3211;



This new minor prepares its students to meet the growing need for qualified cybersecurity specialists. Over the last decade cyber intrusions have increased dramatically at great social and economic cost. Graduates from the Cybersecurity minor learn how to identify security risks to systems and create functions to protect against digital attacks. They have careers such as Computer/Network Security Specialists, IT Security Specialists, Security Policy Analysts, and Applications Security Engineers. Tailored to meet the needs of one of the fastest growing fields in today's job market, the Cybersecurity minor complements any major with a high-demand skill set.


Data Analytics for IT Managers

Making strategic decisions based on data is a critical function for any organization. Having the skills to gather, organize, and analyze information data is in demand during lean economic times. Students will gain knowledge about structural data and analytics for strategic decision making.


         Digital Forensics and Incident Response

The ability to protect and defend the information assets of an organization is a critical skill now in high demand by employers. This Minor will give students knowledge specific to standard computer operating systems, networks, and hardware. It will also bring in the skills for security testing and computer system diagnostics.



Family Science - Complete Your Minor Over Two Summers - 100% Online

Family Science is the interdisciplinary study of what makes families successful. This program focuses on understanding the dynamics of families in a changing society, as well as the impact that family interaction has on individual development and success.

             Contact: Amy Claridge; 509-963-2758;


The online Geography minor complements several majors and is designed to be completed easily in one academic year. The minor includes courses that analyze the spatial patterns in weather, climate, landscapes, economies, political systems, religions and languages, demography, and other features of our world. You will learn about the forces that shape those patterns, how they are expressed at several scales from the local to the global, and how and why they are changing. The minor provides an introduction to valuable skills in computer cartography and geographic information systems (GIS), which are highly desired by many employers

            Contact: John Bowen;


Human Resource ManagementComplete Your Minor Over Two Summers - 100% Online

The human resource management minor is designed to augment the student’s undergraduate degree with a focused examination of the role of human resources in business operations. Students will explore the application of training and development, staffing and employee relations, and test development issues as they apply specifically to the role of human resource managers. The human resource management minor will provide curriculum to prepare students for a career in human resource management as generalists, specialists and managers.

Contact: 509-963-2930;


Information Technology

In today's world technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Become a leader in your profession by augmenting your degree with an Information Technology Minor! This program prepares students in any field to handle networking, systems analysis, security, and project management. These skills are in high-demand and will be a valuable selling point as you begin your job search. The curriculum is constantly updated to stay current with the latest technological developments and is taught by knowledgeable doctorate-level faculty.



Latino & Latin American Studies - Complete Your Minor Over Two Summers - 100% Online

The Latino & Latin American Studies (LLAS) minor provides students with broad, interdisciplinary training in the economic, social, political and cultural realities of Latino and Latin American peoples. The minor will be extremely valuable for those pursuing careers in business, government, social work, law and justice, and teaching that require engagement with Latino communities in the United States, as well as for those who wish to travel and work in Latin America. Moreover, the Latino & Latin American Studies minor also serves as preparation for graduate study in multiple academic and professional fields.

Contact: Daniel Beck; 509-963-2886;

Law and Justice

The minor in Law and Justice (LAJ) is designed to compliment a number of different majors at CWU and prepare students for professional opportunities in the criminal justice system and/ or entry into graduate or law school.

Contact: 509-963-3208;


Library & Information Science

The minor in library and information science is designed to provide students with an understanding of the methods and means of gathering, organizing, and disseminating information. The minor is appropriate for any students who wish to gain a greater understanding of the field of library and information science. This program does not qualify participants for a Washington State Library Media (P-12) endorsement.
             Contact: Elizabeth Brown; 509-639-1960;

Non-Profit Organization Management

The minor in non-profit organization management is an interdisciplinary minor designed to provide an understanding of the organization, financing and management issues in non-profit organizations. It is designed to complement majors in artistic, advocacy, public relations, social services and educational endeavors. The minor provides practical, hands-on skills as well as discussion of the issues facing non-profit organizations.
Contact: César Garcia; 509-963-1097;

Project Management

Employers need skilled employees capable of leading projects in their organizations. This new minor from ITAM will prepare you to meet this need with knowledge specific to successfully managing projects. You will gain skills in this high-demand field of Project Management that, when combined with the soft-skills classes, will give you the competitive edge in the marketplace. Project Management skills are applicable in any industry and will complement any major. All courses are offered 100% online or in class to give students flexibility.




The Psychology department provides students with an understanding of the perspectives, content, and methods of science and the practice of psychology. This 30 credit general minor is often combined with majors such as Law & Justice, Sociology, and Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Sciences.

Contact: Dr. Liane Pereira;

Public Health

Public health is the study of disease prevention and health promotion across diverse populations locally and around the world. The Public Health Minor is a perfect addition to your CWU degree and is a great fit with majors such as Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Environmental Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, and more.  This minor provides students with a solid foundation in the concepts and strategies used in the field of public health.  Students undertaking this minor will understand the complex interaction between environmental and social factors, behaviors, health care systems, policies, and health outcomes. Students can apply this knowledge to a broad range of occupations and continued studies from community health work, marketing, health administration, social services, graduate school, and more.

            Contact: Casey Mace,


Retail Management and Technology - Complete Your Minor Over Two Summers - 100% Online

The ITAM Retail Management and Technology Minor is the perfect complement to any CWU major and is now offered 100% online in the summer. You will complete courses in retailing and selling, retail strategy, and IT retail management. Today, more than ever, students of any CWU major will benefit from the knowledge and application of retail technology and management.


School Library Media Studies Minor

The Minor in School Library Media Studies is designed to provide students with an understanding of the methods and means of gathering, organizing, and disseminating information, as well as promoting information literacy and life-long learning.  The minor is appropriate for any student currently enrolled in a Teacher Education Program who wishes to add a Library Media (P-12) Endorsement to their certification.

             Contact: Elizabeth Brown; 509-963-1960;



The Sociology Department provides opportunities for students to understand the conceptual and methodological tools used by sociologists to understand society. This 25 credit general minor is often combined with majors such as Law & Justice, Psychology or other fields in the Sciences or Humanities

Contact: 509-963-1305;

Sports Business

The sport business minor is designed to augment your College of Business or non-business degree with a focused examination of the sport business industry.  Students will explore the application of marketing, management, law, finance and other business principles as they apply specifically to the sport industry.

Contact: 509-963-1903;


Technical Writing Minor  100% Online

The interdisciplinary minor in technical writing provides students a focused understanding of technical writing, editing, and design skills for the workplace. It can be completed entirely online to serve professionals already working in careers as well as students planning to begin professional or technical careers. The minor provides practical, hands-on skills as well as opportunities for service learning with real-world clients.

Contact: Josh Welsh; or Cynthia Pengilly;


Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor is a 25 credit interdisciplinary program designed to help students develop a critical awareness of gender, and sexuality in their own lives and an increasingly complex world.  Our courses are taught by faculty across multiple departments, which include Anthropology, Communication, English, Law and Justice, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology and Theatre. The minor is an ideal addition to CWU majors such as Public Health, Sociology, Social Services, Psychology, Family and Consumer Sciences and more. In addition to the breadth of knowledge gained through our interdisciplinary approach, students develop skills highly valued by employers such as awareness of diverse perspectives, critical thinking, research, analysis, written communication, oral presentations and problem solving.

Contact: Judy Hennessy;


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