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Student Tips for Taking Tests in Canvas

If you experience Canvas lock-outs when taking Canvas quiz, here are a few suggestions to help cut down on them. If the quiz does lock and the instructor hasn’t enabled multiple attempts, you must contact her/him immediately to have it unlocked.

Do not wait until the last minute to take exams; if you experience technical problems they will take time to be resolved.

Close all windows on the computer and then launch a new window to login to Canvas.

Close other app.ications before taking the quiz/test.

Use a wired high-speed connection; a wireless connection will work, but is not recommended.

Do the Browser Test before taking the quiz/test:

Supported Browsers for Canvas:

Do not navigate to other locations or applications in Canvas after the test opens.

Do not click "Submit" until you have completed the test.

Do not use any of the browser navigation buttons (i.e. Back, Forward, Home, etc.)

Turn off Popup blockers.

If you are locked out of a test, please contact your instructor immediately, or follow instructions given by your instructor.

For further assistance please contact the Canvas Administrator at 509-963-1172


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