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Canvas Videos for Students

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Student Guides

Canvas Student Guide

Find just about any answer from this comprehensive list of support documents.

Test Taking Tips for Canvas

Canvas Test Tips
For best results:

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer
  • Use Chrome or Firefox and make sure it is the most up-to-date version
  • Use a wired/Ethernet internet connection
  • CWU Computer labs are open during finals week

If using mobile device, prior to testing:

  • Run software updates for mobile device
  • Update Canvas Student app (if using)
  • Use a private wi-fi account (not public Starbucks, CWU Public, etc.)
  • Make sure the wi-fi account is not being used to stream video/games at the same time you are taking the exam

If LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor is required (on desktop/laptop and in some cases iPads):

Note: Online Finals requiring Respondus Monitor can only be taken in the CWU Computer Labs below or with a personal computer that meets the requirements (webcam & microphone). Check if your computer will run LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor.

  • Black 129
  • Shaw Smyser 217
  • Shaw Smyser 218
  • Samuelson 138
  • Samuelson 170
  • Samuelson 242


Orientation to Canvas

Canvas Orientation "Course" for Students

This is an actual Canvas course, to help you learn, and make the best use of the system. It is full of information, explanatory videos, and a challenging, no-stakes quiz to test your knowledge. Plan to spend about approximately one hour completing the orientation course.


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