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Query Friendly Viewer

Query Friendly Viewer for Easy Access to Student Data

We can all relate to the frustration experienced when trying to find the “right” query that will return the data we need from Safari Reports.  There are more than 5,700 queries currently available for staff to search but there are no published details regarding the intended use of each query, what the selection criteria are, or the proper support staff to contact with questions.

We are excited to present the newest CWU Reporting Solution from Organizational Effectiveness: the Query Friendly Viewer (QFV).   In QFV, the original list of 5,700 queries has been reduced to less than 350 and is organized by user area based on those that we know are being used and that have been reviewed for accuracy.  The CWU report writers on the Query Friendly Implementation Team have agreed these queries are the “right” queries for our internal reporting needs.  Focusing on tested queries that produce a consistent version of our complex student data is a key goal of CWU administration and a principle "charge" of Organizational Effectiveness.   

As an example of progress to date, we are pleased that Jill Hernandez, the HR Systems Manager and member of the QFV Implementation Team, transitioned 209 query users from Human Resources Query to the QFV tool in summer 2012, leaving only 21 staff members with access to Human Resources Query.  Way to go Human Resources!

We are now ready to transition "Student" Query.  There are currently 462 staff members who have access to Student Query and the implementation team is ready to help transition 428 of the staff members to QFV after the change of schedule period for spring quarter, beginning April 8th.  As we continue to develop additional Operational and Data Integrity categories for various departments, more staff will continue to be transitioned to QFV.

To access the Query Friendly Viewer, log into the Safari Reports database.  Then use the dropdown Main Menu to navigate to the following:

CWU Reporting Solutions  > Query Friendly Viewer

For more detailed directions regarding the Query Friendly Viewer, use the business process guide "Running a Query Using the Query Viewer."

QFV Features:

  • Purpose  - Details provided on what the query will display, the criteria used and any other important information the query runner should know.
  • Comments – Allows the query user to make specific, personal comments to themselves about the query.
  • Last Used Date – Logs the last time the query was run by the specific query user.
  • Details – Allows users to view the Records and Output Fields of a query.
  • Favorites – Favorites will be moved from Query Viewer to QFV, many already have been.
  • Advanced Search & Keywords – Keyword and advanced searches based on CWU query purposes.
  • Request a New Query – Query Request form opens in new window.
  • Ask a Question – Ask Report Writing experts any question from within QFV.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – View other users’ questions and answers.
  • Category Security – Query categories can be secured to allow access to only specified users.
  • Query Security – Individual queries can be secured and accessible to only specific users.

Benefits:  Secure - Convenient - Standardized Data

  • Move CWU to the goal of having one version of CWU data from our reporting systems.
  • Reduce reporting error risk for the 428 staff who can currently access unverified or unauthorized data.
  • Improve confidence in the data.
  • Classify information by business function to assist in daily decision making.
  • Establish standards and procedures for documenting data definitions.
  • Provide maximum access to data compatible with sound security practices.

Queries can quickly be added to the QFV.  Please contact Tami Morrill in Organizational Effectiveness.

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