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Institutional Effectiveness

IE Central Information Solutions

Central Information Solutions (CIS) provides data about Central Washington University's academic programs, students, faculty, and staff.  CIS also responds to requests for institutional data from state and federal agencies and others interested in the universities operations.  

What does the IE CIS team do?

  • Data Modeling
  • Extraction, Staging, Translations, & Loads
  • Query Friendly Technical Support
  • CIS Standards Operating Procedures
  • CIS Database Administration
  • CIS Data Quality and Security Services
  • Report Design and Development
  • Enhancements & Customizations for Reporting
  • Functional Specifications for Reporting
  • Systems Analysis & Prototyping of Reports
  • Training
  • Data Validation & Testing

Specifically, CIS staff members:

  • Compile and disseminate data on enrollments, degrees conferred, retention and graduation rates. 
  • Maintain and compendium of statistics on faculty and staff.
  • Complete reports and provide datasets required by federal and state agencies.
  • Respond to inquiries from the governor's office, the legislature, and state agencies.
  • Evaluate selected performance indicators for the university's strategic plan.
  • Provide data to guidebook surveys and other purveyors of information regarding higher education.
  • Conduct and analyze student and alumni surveys.
  • Conduct ad hoc studies on significant policy issues.
  • Respond to ad hoc data requests from a variety of sources.

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