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Institutional Effectiveness

Current Projects

Click HERE for a detailed list of current projects and status. Last updated 9/15/17

Dashboards:  IE is revising and creating new dashboards as a tool to help with decision making.  CWU Employees Access TheCIS Dashboards here.  Request access here.

Ad Hocs:  IE receives data requests daily from customers across campus, including faculty and staff from various departments, Deans, Legislative Affairs, Public Affairs, Enrollment Management, Budget and Finance, and others.  These requests vary in complexity.

Hiring:  In 2016, we hired one new Associate Director (2nd Associate Director hired April 2017) and hired four new research analysts, an analyst for the ¡FINISH! Grant, and a secretary senior.  We are currently in search of an Executive Director.

Predictive Analytics:  Associate Director Meaghan Wetherell is leading several predictive analytics projects regarding student enrollment, retention, and major drift.

EAB:  Education Advisory Board is developing a series of "scorecards" for the campus community.  IE will display the most useful data on its dashboards if it is not already available.

Data Warehouse Expansion:  The Data Warehouse is managed by IS with input from IE.  IE uses the data extensively in its work.  In April 2017, the Data Warehouse Expansion project was launched with a projected completion time of 1 year.  It will be expanded to include employee data, and finance data.

National, State & CWU Data Charts:  IE is developing a series of national, state and CWU data charts with narrative to support Enrollment Management's Environmental Scan, Accreditation and Strategic Planning.  Files will be available on our website soon.

Environmental Scan: An environmental scan was created to support CWU's Strategic Enrollement Plan.  The CWU scan was modeled from the Indiana State University Environmental Scan of Fall 2012.  The CWU scan includes 93 pages of National, State, and University level comparative data.  Some of the topics covered included: Washington State's education policies, state demographics (population as a whole, and high school graduates), national demographics, CWU peer group characteristics, retention and graduation rates over time (WA counties, CWU, peer groups, income/ethnicity), and predictive enrollment models.  Data from the scan will be useful not only for Enrollment Management, but for many departments across CWU.

Alumni Survey:  CWU Alumni Association in conjunction with the CWU Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the CWU Office of the Associate Provost and Hanover Research has administered a survey to graduates from CWU in order to gather data regarding CWU’s effectiveness as an institution and the overall student experience.  Institutional Effectiveness will be working with Hanover to organize and analyze the results of the survey data and will be publishing the results on the CWU IE website after all the responses have been collected. We are hoping this data will provide valuable insight into what students are getting out of their student experience at CWU as well as how their education prepares them for success in future endeavors.

For more information about Alumni activities and projects please visit Alumni Association page:



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