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Nick on the Rocks

Geologist Nick Zentner leads viewers on armchair adventures through Washington’s diverse landscapes.

Nick on the Rocks Season II Premiere

Join host Nick Zentner, a professor of geological sciences at CWU, for the premiere of season two of the popular “Nick on the Rocks” program, which appears on the Public Broadcasting System’s KCTS in Seattle and KYVE in Yakima. Nick will introduce next season’s episodes and answer questions from the audience.

Episodes in Season II Include:

Episode 1
Seattle Fault (w/ Sandi Doughton)
Episode 2
Columns of Basalt Lava
Episode 3
Chasing Ancient Rivers (w/ Steve Reidel)
Episode 4
Lake Chelan - Battle of the Ice Sheets (w/ Chris Mattinson)
Episode 5
Bridge of the Gods Landslide (w/ Jim O'Connor)
Episode 6
Ancient Volcanoes in the Cascades (w/ Daryl Gusey)