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WindFest Volunteer Sign Ups

CWU Students: To sign up for a shift, find the job you'd like to work below, click on the day you'd like to work, and then fill out your information on the appropriate time slot.

Be careful to not double book yourself!

If you have any questions or concern regarding the signup process, please contact any of the WindFest staff.

Please note there is a mandatory volunteer meeting

February 28th at 8PM in the band room!


Band Host

Guide bands around the festival! Help them navigate from instrument storage, to warm up, to performance, to clinic, and back again! Make sure they stay on time, keep the clinicians from going over the time limit, and that they have everything they need!

Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Information Table

Sit at the front desk as the face of WindFest. Answer any questions that students, directors or volunteers may have. Be professional and respectful.
Check in volunteers: Give them nametags if they don’t already have them, quickly explain their job to them if they need a reminder.
Check in directors: Give them their packet and make sure they know when they're performing, where to go, who will be guiding them, and when to be ready!

Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Early Birds

Be present in the concert hall for the early am performances. No one likes performing for an empty hall and no one should have to! This is a great opportunity to hear some amazing groups! Did I mention there’s free doughnuts and coffee for everyone who signs up for this one!

Thursday | Friday | Saturday


Run scores from the information desk to the clinicians. Make sure they have everything they need, coffee, food, etc.! This is a time sensitive one so make sure you’re on top of things!

Thursday | Friday | Saturday


Keep watch over instrument storage in Hogue Hall and in the Music Building (Thursday-Friday, and Saturday respectively). Make sure bands use the spaces provided and marked for them.

Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Stage Crew

Assist stage managers Nick Novy and Spencer Manning with setting and resetting the concert hall stage! This is a fast paced job that must be done quickly and efficiently so we stay on schedule!

Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Jazz Band Stage Crew


Operate the concession booth in the rotunda. Sell items for their posted prices, avoid taking large bills, be friendly and engaging!

Thursday | Friday | Saturday


Record each band's clinic with the provided camera and equipment. Make sure each band has a full recording of their clinic and ensure that the camera is started and stopped correctly!

Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Set up & Tear Down

WEDNESDAY (post meeting at 8pm)
1 - 2 hours
Signs, taping Hogue, tables in the concert hall, red chairs away, and much more!

1 - 2 hours
Put all facilities back to their original state.

Wednesday Set Up | Saturday Tear Down

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