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Vocal Jazz Auditions

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Vocal Jazz guitaristVocal Jazz 1 performing on concert hall stageClose up of Ryan Harris in VJ1.

CWU has two Vocal Jazz groups, VJ1 and VJ2 that must be auditioned for. Please sign up for an audition time on professors Singh's door, room 121 at the start of Fall quarter.

Vocal Auditions will contain:

  1. Vocalizing – test range, vocal flexibility, technique, “chops”
  2. Ear Training – outline Major/minor triads, augmented, diminished, whole tone & chromatic scales, intervals
  3. Sight Reading – you will be given a piece to sight read on the spot….I may ask you to sight read different parts (S,A,T,B)….you will get about 15 seconds to prepare, then sight sing the best you can
  4. Vocal Jazz / Jazz Solo – pick a jazz tune that you can sing in jazz style (swing, bebop, ballad, etc.); Examples – something from a fake book, jazz standard, etc……no pop tunes, art songs, or arias please! Bring the lead sheet with you to the audition, preferably transposed if needed…….you may bring your own accompanist if preferred
  5. Prepared excerpts from pieces…..learn and sing your voice part accurately in style
  • I am listening for your technical skills, looking for your entertainment skills as a performer, and seeking your character & commitment……..good luck!

Rhythm Section Auditions

Vocal Jazz rhythm section auditions are at the same date and times as rhythm section auditions for Jazz Band.

Mike and Jamie performing at the Fall Choral Classic



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