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Important Information for Transfer Students

We can accept credits for:

  • Two years of Music Theory (Written and Aural Skills.)
  • Two years of Applied lessons on a major instrument or voice.
  • Have developed basic piano skills (if piano is not your major instrument.)

The accepted credits are also dependent on the results of the theory placement exam and the piano placement exam, and the audition for the applied instructor.

If you do not have any courses in these areas, then you will begin at the first year level as a music major at CWU. Yes, you will be a freshman and it will take a minimum of four years to complete your music degree, follow the Freshman instructions our Incoming Music Students page.

  • For the BA degree, a student must satisfy the world language requirement (either two years in H.S. or one year of college-level world language.)

Getting Started


Even though you may have been a music major at your previous institution, whether 4-year university or 2-year college, in order to be accepted into the department as a music major you must first be accepted by audition in a primary area. If you have not yet auditioned, it's critical you begin the process explained on our Music Program Auditions & Admissions ASAP! You may not register for music major courses, until you have auditioned and been accepted.

Entrance Standards

To learn more about the performance proficiency standards for various studios, visit the specific audition requirements page for your particular area. Entrance standards are at the bottom of the audition pages.

Music Theory

We are happy to give you credit for theory courses taken at other institutions. However, we want to be sure your knowledge and skills are on a par with the students who have gone through our theory sequence. If you are transferring any theory courses from another institution, you must take our in-house Transfer Theory Diagnostic Exam. This test will be offered in the McIntyre Music building at 8:00 AM during each transfer orientation session. You must contact Dr. Kirsten Boldt-Neurohr to reserve a seat to take this test.

Assuming you have been accepted as a major, the courses you take in the first quarter depends primarily on whether or not your performance on the theory diagnostic exam, which determines your placement in the CWU theory sequence.

Applied Music (Private lessons)

All transfer students are placed in first year lessons (MUS 164), regardless of lessons taken at other institutions. Your level of applied study will be evaluated during this quarter of lessons and the student will be placed in the appropriate level of applied study after one quarter of study at the 164 level.

University 101 Course

All transfer students are required to take the music section of UNIV 101. This is an important class that gives students an introduction to the student resources available on the CWU campus, and students will also learn about the music department policies, advising issues, majors, etc. This class alternates with convocation on Monday evenings at 7:00 in the recital hall.

General Education (Basic Skills and Breath)

If you have an A.A. degree from a Washington state community college, chances are you are exempt from the Gen. Ed. Requirements. If you have some credits, you’ll have to decide whether to:

  • Take whatever courses at CWU would transfer back to your C.C. to complete the AA degree.
  • Transfer courses from your C.C. to complete the CWU Gen. Ed. requirements.

You might have to consult with both CWU and your C.C. advisors about this. If you are coming from another 4-year institution, you don’t have a choice, you must complete the CWU Gen. Ed. requirements. In that case, see someone in Academic Advising or Dr. Kirsten Boldt-Neurohr in the music department to figure out what courses will transfer as equivalent.

Miscellaneous Information

As a transfer student you are still responsible for all the other normal music major requirements, such as:

  • Convo and Recital Attendance
  • Piano Proficiency
  • Large Ensemble Participation
  • Music History
  • Etc.

Please refer to the Undergarduate Hanbook for critical information concerning all necessary requirements, policies and procedures. Our Preparing To be a Music Major page is very helpful for new students or those considering a music major at CWU. Also, please browse this site for information about many other things you need to know as a music major. One final important reminder! Please remember that the Music Department Convocation and UNIV 101 will meet on alternating Monday evenings at 7:00 PM. Do Not schedule any classes that would conflict with this time