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Summer Workshops


Need clock hours for continuing certification?  Interested in  
exploring a new area, or refining a familiar one for your teaching?  
The CWU Department of Music is offering workshop-only registration for  
several graduate-level courses during July, 2015.
These sessions will bring graduate students, faculty, and workshop  
participants together in CWU's state-of-the-art music facility for  
practical, hands-on sessions that are flexible enough to meet the  
needs of teachers in a variety of situations.  Expand your horizons,  
broaden your professional network, gain new skills, and refresh your  
teaching by joining us in Ellensburg this summer.
  • 3 credits (equivalent to 30 Clock Hours) available for all workshops
  • Affordable on-campus housing is available - more info


One Week Intensives 2014 (2015 TBD):

July 7-12, 2014

  • MUS 554G Adv. Tech. Class Percussion
    (Mark Goodenberger, instructor)
    Foundational and advanced concepts in class percussion instruction as applicable to the public school music program.
  • MUS 598 Special Topics: Active Learning in General Music 
    (Walt Hampton, instructor)
    In this course, Walt Hampton will explore the basics of creating an experience-rich elementary music classroom.  If you’ve wanted to DO more with your students, then this is the class for you!  Participants will be playing—a lot—using Walt’s books, Hot Marimba! and Marimba Mojo!  as well as unpublished material, and units that Walt teaches that use other
  • MUS 614 Grad Seminar in Music: Vocal Jazz Pedagogy
    (Vijay Singh, instructor)
    Vocal Jazz Pedagogy & Techniques - course will cover jazz concepts applicable to working with vocal jazz ensembles, proven rehearsal techniques and "tricks of the trade" used by respected directors, improvisation/scat singing, different styles/grooves, repertoire for various skill levels, rhythm sections, sound reinforcement, festivals, and basic jazz theory & arranging skills.


July 14-19, 2014

  • MUS 541 Advanced Conducting
    (Dr. Nikolas Caoile, instructor)
    “The Complete Conductor” This course is designed to develop technical,
    practical and management competencies related to directing an
    instrumental ensemble. Participants will be engaged in intensive podium
    conducting sessions, aural skills training, rehearsal management, and
    administrative skills.
  • MUS 598 Special Topics: Strategies for Excellence in General Music
    (Patty Bourne, instructor)
    "Excellence Inside the Music Classroom: Systems and Strategies for Effective Instruction"
    This course is designed to begin answering the question, "How do highly effective educators do what they do?".  Participants will be involved in a wide spectrum of hands-on, pragmatic-based, classroom-friendly strategies for raising awareness, reflection, and satisfaction as music educators.

July 21-26, 2014

  • MUS 425B Vocal Pedagogy 
    (Melissa Schiel, instructor)
    This course explores vocal teaching with a focus on singing in the Western classical tradition. Topics covered are: Voice Anatomy and Physiology, Vocal Registers, Vocal Health, Resources for Voice Teachers, and Diagnosis & Corrections of Vocal Faults.
  • MUS 599 Seminar: Technology for Music Educators 
    (Mike Klinger, instructor)
    This course is designed to give you 2 days of training in Finale and 2 days of training in Sibelius. These are the 2 most popular music notation programs on the market. Learn how to: input music 5 different ways, scan music, create your own music curriculum (tests, quizes, etc), digitally record your scores, printout scores and parts, conduct your score and have it follow you, and much much more. You'll also receive 2 days of instruction in sound system setup and operation.