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College of Arts and Humanities

Strategic Objectives

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A.  Teaching and Learning

Objective: The Department will maintain and enhance academic programs and ensure student success by:

  • preparing students for graduate schools and entry-level positions in the profession.
  • reviewing and remodeling degrees to prepare students for an always-changing world.
  • providing excellent advising so students succeed in all degrees.
  • providing support to enhance faculty teaching.
  • maintaining accreditation to demonstrate credibility in the field.

B.  Inclusiveness and Diversity

Objective: The Department will continue to build and retain an inclusive, diverse, and outstanding musical community by:

  • recruiting and retaining students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds and capabilites that sustain high standards.
  • maintaining and enhancing an atmosphere of inclusiveness for members of the department, the local and university community, and the underserved in the region.
  • maintaining a balance of the different music major concentrations.
  • using interdisciplinary degree offerings (including minors and certificate programs) as a means of attracting students and increasing diversity.

C. Scholarship and Creative Expression

Objective: The Department will assist students, faculty, and staff in receiving recognition for their creative and scholarly contributions to the profession by:

  • supporting opportunities for scholarly and creative growth for faculty, students and staff.
  • seeking and promoting means by which students, faculty, and staff may pursue scholarly and creative activities.

D. Public Service and Community Engagement

Objective: The Department will maintain and enhance service opportunities to connect with external communities and serve as a model for life-long learning through a variety of cultural and educational activities by:

  • promoting student and faculty service to the profession, the university, and the community.
  • maintaining and enhancing support for festivals, guest artists, faculty and student presentations at conferences, student and faculty touring, and publicity.
  • maintaining and enhancing outreach into local and regional communities.

E. Resource Management and Stewardship

Objective: The Department will exercise responsible stewardship of its programs and facilities by:

  • maintaining and enhancing department budgets, enrollment management, and scholarship offerings to meet department objectives.
  • ensuring that there are adequate faculty, staff, and support to meet department objectives.
  • ensuring that there are adequate facilities, maintenance to support facilities, upgrades to technology, and upgrades in equipment to meet department objectives.



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