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Spring 2017 Programs

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March 297:00 PMBrooke Scholl w/Martin Kennedy, guest recital
April 17:00 PMThe Aspen String Trio
April 24:00 PMKathryn Kibota, voice recital
April 38:00 PMBrandyn Button, trumpet recital
April 47:00 PMAdam Pelandini, faculty saxophone recital
April 57:00 PMMark Polishook
April 67:00 PMDaniel Lipori, faculty recital
April 77:00 PMCWU Chamber Choir & Friends, with Ola Gjeilo
April 82:00 PMKandin Neri, saxophone recital
April 84:00 PMRiley Lord, euphonium recital
April 107:00 PMHonors Convocation
April 117:00 PMVoice Studio Recital
April 127:00 PMPiano Chamber Recital
April 147:00 PMMusica Antiqua, Italian Journey
April 1512:00 PMTaylor Griffin, senior project piano recital
April 154:00 PMEmily Suter, euphonium recital
April 177:00 PMJazz Duo, John Harbaugh & Tom Lyons
April 217:00 PMTroy Greif, saxophone recital
April 232:00 PMJoshua Terry, graduate violin recital
April 234:00 PMTatiana Kruse, graduate voice recital
April 247:00 PMConvocation
April 257:00 PMDouble Bass Studio recital
April 268:00 PMSaxophone Studio recital
April 302:00 PMDevan Corcoran, flute recital
April 304:00 PMBrooke Rundle, flute recital
April 306:00 PMMegumi Taylor, flute and piccolo recital
April 308:00 PMFlute Studio recital
May 37:00 PMPiano Studio recital
May 58:00 PMTrombone Studio recital
May 64:00 PMLeah Thomas, senior project, voice
May 6,77:00 PM

Opera, The Magic Flute

May 72:00 PMNicole Beccera, piano recital
May 87:00 PMConvocation
May 118:00 PMFour Corners Horn Quartet
May 126:00 PMDan Kratz, clarinet recital
May 128:00 PMAustin Hass, percussion recital
May 134:00 PMOwen Evans, clarinet recital
May 142:00 PMAllyssa Haigh, graduate percussion recital
May 148:00 PMHot Minute Trio concert
May 157:00 PMString Studio recital
May 167:00 PMOboe Studio recital
May 176:00 PMMatthew Wentland, trumpet recital
May 178:00 PMCombo Nite
May 188:00 PMJodi Salisbury, voice recital
May 198:00 PMReese Maultsby, percussion recital
May 204:00 PM"Quintessential": an afternoon of Chamber Music
May 206:00 PMTheo Olson, voice recital
May 212:00 PMBrass Choir Concert
May 214:00 PMSpring Choir Concert
May 216:00 PMSchyler Williams, euphonium recital
May 218:00 PMAlex Worland, composition recital
May 227:00 PMConvocation
May 237:00 PMTrumpet Studio recital
May 246:00 PMJames Dawson, graduate trumpet recital
May 248:00 PMClarinet studio recital
May 257:00 PMWind Ensemble concert
May 266:00 PMBobby Odle, percussion recital
May 267:00 PMTuba-Euphonium Spring Studio recital
May 2710:00 AMLevi Golan, violin recital
May 2712:00 PMZane Boothby, trombone recital
May 272:00 PMTony Nguyen, clarinet & Zach MacLurg, trombone recital
May 274:00 PMJuliet Hollifield & Megan Fassel, joint voice recital
May 276:00 PMTori Casebeer, voice recital
May 278:00 PMGabriela Garcia, trombone recital
May 296:00 PMHannah Mowry, trumpet recital
May 298:00 PMGeoffrey McKay, trumpet recital
May 307:00 PMComposition Studio recital
May 308:00 PMAndrew Lihudis, bass recital
May 316:00 PMAndrew Murphy, trumpet recital
May 317:00 PMPercussion Ensemble
June 17:00 PMSymphonic Bands Concert
June 25:00 PMKatie Regier, clarinet recital
June 26:00 PMPharron Fode, senior project voice recital
June 27:00 PMDavid McLemore, faculty tuba-euphonium recital
June 28:30 PMWarren Murray, graduate percussion recital
June 310:00 AMHannah Bryan & Jasmine Gilbert, joint voice recital
June 312:00 PMSarah Lee, violin & Oliver Hatman, bass, joint recital
June 32:00 PMMichael Ash, voice recital
June 34:00 PMAfternoon of Jazz
June 36:00 PMSami Ruiz, voice recital
June 37:00 PMEvening of Jazz
June 412:00 PMVictoria Busby, voice recital
June 42:00 PMHolly Osborne, voice recital
June 4 4:00 PMChamber Orchestra Concert
June 46:00 PMMel Senter & Shaylynn Gould, joint voice recital
June 48:00 PMRachael McIntire, piano recital
June 262:00 PMValerie Campbell, piano recital
August 312:00 PMJordan Alexander, trumpet recital


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