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College of Arts and Humanities

Spring 2016 Programs

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April 16:00 PMThe Scott/Garrison Duo with Rajung Yang
April 31:00 PMLesley O'Donel, guest flute recital
April 33:00 PMThe Jazz Ambassadors
April 87:00 PMMusica Antiqua
April 92:00 PMJake Juhl, saxophone recital
April 102:00 PMGavin Knowles, saxophone recital
April 104:00 PMIrish Traditional Music, Eliot Grasso, guest artist recital
April 207:00 PMUnited States Air Force Band of the Golden West
April 217:00 PMVoice Studio recital
April 232:00 PMMarissabel Rivero, tuba recital
April 234:00 PMDavid Rim, percussion recital
April 236:00 PMDr. Adam Pelandini, faculty saxophone recital
April 268:00 PMSaxophone Studio recital
May 12:00 PMDevan Corcoran, flute recital
May 14:00 PMElizabeth Hile, graduate flute recital
May 16:00 PMSabrina Juhl, Farrell scholarship recital
May 18:00 PMFlute Studio recital
May 37:00 PMPiano Studio recital
May 56:00 PMAn Evening of Chamber Music
May 76:00 PMAlex Worland, junior saxophone recital
May 85:00 PMGayla Blaisdell and John Neurohr, faculty recital
May 108:00 PMDrew Baddeley, graduate double bass recital
May 117:00 PMClarinet Studio recital
May 126:00 PMCasey Swart, tuba recital
May 1410:00 AMKaterina Dzyubal, senior project piano recital
May 1412:00 PMBonnie Blanchard, voice recital
May 142:00 PMMichael McCormick, voice recital
May 146:00 PMColin Stave, graduate conducting recital
May 146:00 PMOtis Murphy, guest saxophone recital
May 148:00 PMJace Rowland, trombone recital
May 152:00 PMFaculty/Guest Artists piano trio
May 155:00 PMElizabeth Hile, graduate composition recital
May 156:00 PMCaitlin Stave, graduate voice recital
May 158:00 PMWarren Murray, graduate percussion recital
May 166:00 PMMatthew Wentland, trumpet recital
May 176:30 PMTrumpet Studio recital
May 177:00 PMString Studio recital
May 187:00 PMKairos String Quartet
May 197:00 PMDaniel Lipori and Martin Kennedy, joint faculty recital
May 199:00 PMReese Maultsby and Bobby Odle, percussion recital
May 206:00 PMChristian Reed, senior project voice recital
May 208:00 PMTuba-Euphonium Studio recital
May 212:00 PMAaliyah Barnes and Geina Malavolti, clarinet recital
May 214:00 PMOliver Hartman, double bass recital
May 216:00 PMJoel Ragona, tuba recital
May 218:00 PMSpring A Capella Concert
May 2212:00 PMSierra Hawthorne, senior project horn recital
May 222:00 PMHorn Studio recital
May 224:00 PMSpring Choir Concert
May 228:00 PMThe Lucas Simpson Trio
May 235:30 PMBen Harbaugh, trumpet recital
May 247:00 PMOboe Studio recital
May 256:00 PMChamber Orchestra Concert
May 258:00 PMAnton Belov, guest vocal recital
May 267:00 PMWind Ensemble Concert
May 276:00 PMPavel Spichak, trumpet recital
May 278:00 PMBrass Choir Concert
May 2810:00 AMMary Jarvis, senior horn project recital
May 2812:00 PMAmanda Dickenson, piano recital
May 282:00 PMSarah Newlin, piano recital
May 284:00 PMVictoria Gust, voice recital
May 286:00 PMChristian Severson-Kunz, senior project voice recital
May 288:00 PMDrew Medak, senior project jazz recital
June 17:00 PMPercussion Ensemble Concert
June 27:00 PMSymphonic Bands and Winds Concert
June 36:00 PMNathan Jacobsen, senior voice project recital
June 37:00 PMComposition Studio Recital
June 38:00 PMNathaniel Heard, voice recital
June 410:00 AMAdam Benabid, trombone recital
June 44:00 PMAn Afternoon of Jazz
June 47:00 PMAn Evening of Jazz
June 512:00 PMPharron Fode, voice recital
June 52:00 PMBeserat Tafesse, euphonium recital
June 54:00 PMOrchestra Concert
June 56:00 PMBrianna Eddy, piano recital
June 58:00 PMBen Lundgren, voice recital
June 2412:00 PMRyan Hook, piano recital
July 97:00 PMDarin Kaschmitter, graduate piano recital
July 162:00 PMRachel Riddle, graduate piano recital
July 212:00 PMKathleen Reiger, clarinet recital
July 2911:00 AMGeoffrey McKay, trumpet recital


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