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Spring 2013 Programs

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DateTime Event
March 286:00 PMAshley Stubbs, senior project horn recital
April 62:00 PMBrian Bull, senior project trumpet recital
April 118:00 PMKairos Quartet 
April 132:00 PMAmanda Kunz, voice recital
April 133:00 PMJR Lakey, graduate conducting recital
April 134:00 PMVince Bigos, guitar recital
April 176:00 PMBrooke Scholl, cello recital
April 187:00 PMNeil Flory, faculty recital
April 198:00 PMMichelle Vaughn, graduate violin recital
April 2012:00 PMMelissa Newman, piano recital
April 207:00 PMSchubert Trout Quinhtet
April 212:00 PMProfessor John Harbaugh & Dr. Joan Paddock, trumpet recital
April 214:00 PMMusica Antiqua
April 216:00 PMDanae Villarreal, senior project voice recital
April 237:00 PMArianna String Quartet
April 248:00 PMShanaun Green, percussion recital
April 282:00 PMStephen Drury, guest artist piano recital
April 286:00 PMStephanie Miller, Guest flute recital
April 298:15 PMJonathan Thomson, guest cellist
April 307:00 PMString Studio recital
May 38:00 PMMonica Wietecha, piano recital
May 412:00 PMAlyssa Gregor & Gemma Koreski, joint voice recital
May 42:00 PMRachel Riddle, piano recital
May 44:00 PMAlex Pualani, graduate cello recital
May 46:00 PMJohn Geiger, horn recital
May 52:00 PM Adrienne DeGiorgi, flute recital
May 611:00 AMNASM Review recital
May 66:00 PMLaura Adams, senior project trombone recital
May 68:00 PMAmanda Kunz, composition recital
May 76:00 PMDarin Greif & Rudy Guidry, trumpet & tuba recital
May 78:00 PMBrian Miles, violin recital
May 86:00 PMCasey Felt, cello recital
May 87:00 PMKimberly Sanvely, graduate choral recital
May 88:00 PMPeter Miliczky, violin recital
May 98:00 PMFlute Choir
May 108:00 PMCassandra Cook, saxophone recital
May 1110:00 AMJoey Wenda, oboe recital
May 1112:00 PMSam Booth, bass recital
May 111:00 PMBrass Blowout
May 112:00 PMPeter Gorak, viola recital
May 114:00 PMAdrienne Shields, master cognate vocal recital
May 122:00 PMErin Cone, percussion recital
May 126:00 PMCaitlin Malarkey, horn recital
May 128:00 PMJonathan Miller, percussion recital
May 146:00 PMDavid Ashton, saxophone recital
May 148:00 PMByron Thomas, composition recital
May 156:00 PMMatt Woodard, graduate composition recital
May 158:00 PMBritt Dahlgren, graduate percussion recital
May 165:15 PMLaurel Koran, viola recital
May 168:00 PMKyle McCammon, voice recital
May 178:00 PMGuitar Ensemble Concert
May 188:00 PMVincent Allis, senior project guitar recital
May 194:00 PMDaniel Craig, tuba recital
May 195:00 PMSpring Choir Concert
May 196:00 PMHorn Studio recital
May 217:30 PMClarinet Studio recital
May 218:00 PMMatt Abshire, senior project guitar recital
May 226:00 PMTrombone Studio recital
May 228:00 PMNight of 1000 Saxophones
May 237:00 PMWind Ensemble Concert
May 246:00 PMMolly Tourtelot, cello recital
May 248:00 PMChad Pepin, guitar recital
May 286:00 PMTrumpet Studio recital
May 287:00 PMComposition Studio recital
May 297:00 PMPercussion Ensemble concert
May 307:00 PMBands Concert
May 317:00 PMJazz Nite II
June 110:00 AMKristen Shull, voice recital
June 111:00 AMRebecca Rice, graduate oboe recital
June 112:00 PMPrep Strings recital
June 12:30 PMNicholas Delmedico, tuba recital
June 22:00 PMJoseph Sacchi, voice recital
June 24:00 PMOrchestra concert
June 26:00 PMDaniel Baker, trombone recital
June 28:00 PMAlexandra Churm & Alix Deenin, voice recital
June 36:30 PMPrep Strings concert