Spring 2010 Programs

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April 58:00 PMPlaine & Easie
April 67:00 PMSimon & Margaret Coverdale, guest pianists
April 77:00 PMString Studio recital
April 87:00 PMJoshua Friedlander, guest violinist with
Nikolas Caoile piano
April 112:00 PMMike Dove senior percussion recital
April 137:00 PMMassimo LaRosa, guest trombonist from
Cleveland Orchestra
April 147:00 PMCurtis Peacock, faculty tuba recital
April 177:30 PMThe Tender Land, by Aaron Copeland
April 184:00 PMThe Tender Land, by Aaron Copeland
April 187:00 PMJosh Gianola, junior percussion recital
April 207:00 PMConcerto Winner Showcase
April 247:00 PMRachel Nesvig, graduate violin recital
April 2512:00 PMBrittney Klouse, senior voice recital
April 252:00 PMJessica Jasper, junior viola recital
April 254:00 PMMusica Antiqua
April 277:00 PMNicholas Delmedico, tuba recital
April 308:00 PMClare Bresnahan, junior violin recital
May 11:00 PMKasey Davis, senior flute recital
May 13:00 PMEmi Ogawa, senior flute recital
May 15:00 PMSara Buhs, senior flute recital
May 17:00 PMFlute Studio recital
May 212:00 PMElizabeth Harrison, senior oboe recital
May 22:00 PMRyan Udall, senior recital
May 24:00 PMBobby's Conducting Recital
May 26:00 PMMarina Christopher, junior bass recital
May 47:00 PMBrian Adams, percussion recital
May 57:00 PMFlute Choir
May 67:00 PMWind Ensemble concert with guest
conductor Keith Brion
May 77:00 PMMatthew Woodard, senior composition recital
May 812:00 PMMichael Connoly, senior voice recital
May 82:00 PMPrep Strings recital
May 84:30 PMJanss Woldseth, junior bass recital
May 86:30 PMTrumpet Studio recital
May 94:00 PMIsaac Castillo, senior bass recital
May 96:00 PMHeather Thomas, percussion recital
May 127:00 PMTim Betts, Heather Netz, Maria Roditeleva-Wibe,
faculty recital
May 137:00 PMRodney Griffin, senior percussion recital
May 147:00 PMJazz Nite 1
May 152:00 PMMichelle Abad, junior recital
May 154:00 PMKelsey Jobst, junior recital
May 156:00 PMEuphanisms, Kendra Nye & Kelly Talaske joint
euphonium recital
May 1612:00 PMDarren Macri, percussion recital
May 162:00 PMGus Labayen, piano recital
May 164:00 PMKim Straka & Jenny Ohrstrom, joint recital
May 166:00 PMTubamigos, Will Obregon & Joel Hoyer joint
tuba recital
May 197:00 PMSingle reed night
May 207:00 PMAnnual Brass Blowout
May 217:00 PMDaniel Becker, senior clarinet recital
May 232:00 PMRyan Harris, senior voice recital
May 234:00 PMChoir concert
May 236:00 PMStephanie Cooke, senior piano recital
May 236:30 PMBrandon Jones, trumpet recital
May 238:00 PMBrooke Scholl, cello recital
May 249:00 PMChristie Beard, junior violin recital
May 257:00 PMHorn Studio recital
May 267:00 PMJazz Band IV concert
May 268:30 PMTarik Bentlemsani, jazz guitar recital
May 277:00 PMWind Ensemble concert
May 287:00 PMGuitar Ensemble recital
May 317:00 PMVocal Chamber recital
June 27:00 PMPercussion Ensemble concert
June 37:00 PMSymphonic Band concert
June 47:00 PMJazz Nite II
June 47:30 PMEmily Maulden, junior violin recital
June 510:00 AMJesse Pierson, junior piano recital
June 53:00 PMKittitas Valley Youth Orchestra
June 54:00 PMMegan Hennings, junior piano recital
June 56:00 PMPeter Gorak, viola recital
June 58:00 PMSuzie Reese, senior trombone & voice recital
June 61:00 PMComposition Studio Recital
June 64:00 PMCWU Orchestra & Choir; Carmina Burana
June 76:30 PMPrep Strings concert