Spring 2009 Programs

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April 37:00 PMOpera - Mostly Mozart
April 42:00 PMBobby Collins
April 54:00 PMMusica Antiqua
April 157:00 PMDaniel Lipori, Bassoon and Maria
Roditeleva-Wibe, Piano, Faculty Recital
April 177:00 PMGraduate Student's Recital
April 181:00 PMDeanna Byman, Junior Piano Recital
April 183:00 PMWill Obregon and Eryk Huff,
Joint Tuba Recital
April 1912:00 PMJason Prindle, Bass Recital
April 192:00 PMBirkin Owart, Sophomore Saxophone
April 227:00 PMJohn Michel, Alternative Faculty Cello
April 2612:00 PMJared Ice, Senior Voice Recita
April 307:00 PMSandy Schwobel, Flute and Piccolo
May 17:00 PMJonathan Campbell, Graduate Composition
May 21:00 PMMaggie Ryan, Junior Flute Recital
May 23:00 PMDaisie Clements, Senior Flute Recital
May 25:00 PMFlute Studio Recital
May 27:00 PMThomas Hamilton, Senior Flute Recital
May 33:00 PMFlute Choir @ West Valley Middle School
May 36:00 PMBurke and the Pips
May 47:00 PMKim Roy, Graduate Conducting Lecture
Thesis Presentation
May 57:00 PMChamber Wind Concert
May 67:00 PMAnnual Brass Blowout
May 87:00 PMSingle Reed Nite
May 912:00 PMAmy Edwards, Senior Voice Recital
May 92:00 PMRebecca Stamm, Senior Violin Recital
May 94:00 PMAndrea Hansen & Emily Cronin, Joint Junior
Voice Recital
May 96:00 PMSamantha Sabrowsky, Senior Viola Recital
May 1012:00 PMJames Sterling & Sean La Shier, Joint Horn
May 102:00 PMNicole Gessel, French Horn Recital
May 104:00 PMCaitlin Tebbs, Senior Voice Recital
May 106:00 PMDakota Gemmer, Senior Voice Recital
May 127:00 PMPiano Studio Recital
May 137:00 PMMargaret Gries, Faculty Organ Concert
May 147:00 PMKairos Quartet and Eduard Zilberkant
May 157:00 PMJ.R. Maxwell, Senior Voice Recital
May 165:00 PMLydia in Poland: presentation and Violin Recital
May 168:00 PMAdam Pelandini, Saxophone Recital
May 1712:00 PMElissa Cortright and Brittney Klouse, Joint
Junior Voice Recital
May 172:00 PMPaul Walk, Senior Voice Recital
May 174:00 PMChamber Orchestra and Musica Antiqua
May 175:00 PMStuart McAlister, Senior Horn Recital
May 177:00 PMTaylor Kragness, Graduate Percussion Recital
May 187:00 PMCurtis Peacock, Faculty Tuba Recital
May 207:00 PMKairos String Quartet
May 207:30 PMTrumpet Studio Recital
May 227:00 PMJazz Nite I
May 267:00 PMHorn Studio Recital
May 27 7:00 PMString Studio Recital
May 287:00 PMPercussion Ensemble
May 287:30 PMPeter Lee, Senior Trumpet Recital
May 297:00 PMRachel Nesvig, Violin Recital
May 298:30 PMJay Cobb's Senior Horn Recital
May 3010:00 AMGarrett Bays, Senior Voice Recital
May 3012:00 PMErik Burrough, Senior Trombone Recital
May 302:00 PMNatalie Mehio, Junior Voice Recital
May 304:00 PMJamie Collins, Solo Jazz Voice/Piano
May 307:00 PMGuitar Ensemble
May 3112:00 PMStephanie Cooke, Junior Piano Recital
May 312:00 PMElisa Clegg, Viola Recital
May 314:00 PMChoir Concert
May 315:00 PME. Angeline Solano, Senior Viola Recital
May 317:00 PMHeather Netz, Faculty Violin Recital
June 18:00 PMRodney Griffin, Junior Percussion Recital
June 27:00 PMSymphonic Band Concert
June 28:00 PMPlaedies String Quartet
June 39:00 PMBrian Adams, Percussion Recital
June 47:00 PMWind Ensemble Concert
June 57:00 PMJazz Nite II
June 611:00 PMClare Bresnahan, Sophomore Violin Recital
June 61:00 PMMonica Clark, Graduate Piano Recital
June 62:00 PMKittitas Valley Youth Orchestra
June 64:00 PMLyndi Suydam, Clarinet Recital
June 67:00 PMStretta String Quartet
June 712:00 PMChristopher Ward, Senior Saxophone Recital
June 74:00 PMOrchestra Concert
June 77:00 PMComposition Studio Recital
June 88:00 PMPrep Strings Concert
June 87:00 PMKelsey Weber and Dana Lede, Joint
Bassoon and Trumpet Recital
June 107:00 PMFreshman Horn Recital REMIX