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College of Arts and Humanities

Spring 2007 Programs

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March 106:30 PMPreparatory Strings Program Concert
March 277:00 PMUnited States Air Force: Golden West Winds and Friends
April 37:00 PMDr. Shirley Diamond, guest saxophone recital
April 213:00 PMDebra Hardy, graduate voice recital
April 215:00 PMValeri Stucki & Bobby Collins, joint recital
April 2212:00 PMMichelle Vaughn, senior violin recital
April 224:00 PMLydia Tang, senior violin recital
April 227:00 PMJolene Rose Belisle, senior voice recital
April 257:00 PMBenjermin Leslie, violoncello recital
April 277:00 PMIan Johnson, junior horn recital
April 2912:00 PMMeghan Lefrancois-Hanson, senior violin recital
April 292:00 PMAmanda Kopcsak, senior violin recital
April 297:00 PMJanene Kirkpatrick, graduate voice recital/lecture
May 17:00 PMLuis Sanchez, guest piano recital
May 47:00 PMJay Cobb & Chad Opitz, joint junior recital
May 51:00 PMBrittany Fuchs, senior flute recital
May 53:00 PMJessica Hiatt, senior project recital
May 55:00 PMAllison Cairns & Thomas Hamilton, joint sophomore flute recital
May 61:00 PMCeline Ferland, graduate flute recital
May 63:00 PMFlute Studio Recital
May 87:00 PMKim Roy, viola recital
May 97:00 PMSingle Reed Nite
May 107:00 PMWind Ensemble Concert
May 117:00 PMDustin Jarred, senior voice recital
May 1211:30 AMJoel Thoreson, graduate violin recital
May 122:00 PMRose Michelle Turk, senior voice recital
May 124:00 PMRachel Alvord, senior voice recital
May 1312:00 PMTiffany Lawrence, senior voice recital
May 137:00 PMSean Brown, junior horn recital
May 165:30 PMClaire Vangelisti, guest voice recital
May 167:00 PMPercussion Ensemble Concert
May 177:00 PMComposers' Concert
May 187:00 PMJazz Nite I
May 1912:00 PMJamie Collins, piano recital
May 193:00 PMAndréa Wallis, senior voice recital
May 195:00 PMLaura Elizabeth Thoreson, senior voice recital
May 197:00 PMJames Durkee, faculty guitar recital
May 2012:00 PM"Contemplations": Viginia Tech Memorial Benefit Concert
May 204:00 PMSpring Choir Concert
May 225:00 PMDanny Helseth, euphonium masterclass & recital
May 237:00 PMKairos String Quartet recital
May 245:00 PMJoshua Wilson, senior trombone recital
May 247:00 PMSymphonic Band Concert
May 255:30 PMString Chamber Music Recital
May 285:30 PMAmber Johnson, graduate horn recital
May 297:00 PMHorn Studio Recital
May 306:00 PMTrevor Faraone, senior trumpet recital
May 307:00 PMChamber Orchestra Concert
May 317:00 PMBrass Blowout
June 14:00 PMThe Wilson Five
June 17:00 PMJazz Nite II
June 211:00 AMKittitas Valley Youth Orchestra
June 25:00 PMGuitar Ensemble
June 312:00 PMMichael Linehan, clarinet recital
June 32:00 PMChris Mills, senior tuba recital
June 34:00 PMSymphony Orchestra
June 37:00 PMLuke Doshier, senior voice recital
June 42:00 PMRebecca Stamm, violin and voice recital
June 85:00 PMAlexandria Wareham, senior voice recital
June 207:00 PMStacey Eliason, guest horn recital
July 2111:00 AMSummer Strings: CWU Preparatory String Program


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