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Solo Performance

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Studio Class
Bi-weekly string studio classes give students repeated chances to perform for each other, and receive positive feedback and constructive comments.

Convocation/Recital Hour
On alternate weeks, the entire student body of the music department gathers in the Music Concert Hall to listen to student performances. Performing for several hundred of your peers is an excellent opportunity.

String Studio Recitals
Each quarter the string studio presents a concert featuring polished performances by individual string students and chamber ensembles.

In addition to required Junior and Senior Recitals, students are encouraged to present additional joint or solo recitals.

Studio Projects
Each quarter, string students are encouraged to give a performance presentation outside of the music department. This project helps students develop verbal communication skills, offer community service and practice adapting to different types of audiences.

"This project was really profitable to me by opening my eyes to some of the service opportunities that surround me."
Heidi Foster
(complete project summary)

Farrell Projects
Many continuing string students have utilized this project supporting scholarship grant to present a variety of concert performances--pure improvisation, Baroque dance music, Beethoven Violin Sonatas and Hungarian gypsy music. After their first year, music students maintaining a specified grade point are eligible to apply for a Farrell Merit Scholarship that covers project expenses.

Snelling Competition
An annual music department contest for prize money, sponsored by the Ellensburg Music Study Group.

Concerto/Aria Competition
Bi-annual music department contest where a half or dozen or so students win the opportunity to perform with the University Orchestra in concert.

Classics in Ellensburg Series

Regional and National Competitions and Festivals

Central string students have excelled, making their way to the national finals of the MTNA and ASTA Competitions.

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