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Sid Nesselroad

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Picture of Sidney L. Nesselroad, instructor of voice.Professor Emeritus
Instructor of Voice

Dr. Sidney L. Nesselroad is an Emeritus Professor of Music, now teaching only applied voice in a part-time capacity. As a professor of Music, 1978-2002, he also taught, at varoius times, Intro to Music (102), Intro to Musical Studies (104), First YearTheory, Diction, History of Opera, Vocal Lit, Vocal Pedagogy, directed choirs and opera productions, and once even served for two years as Chair of the University Faculty Senate.

Since retirement, he has remained active in the National Association of Teachers of Singing, attending regional competitions and national conventions. He has a long standing interest in voice science, particularly the non-invasive use of technology to monitor and display the actions and sounds of the singing voice. Even though retired, his teaching still reflects a leaning toward the most up to date, state of the art knowledge of the profession, along with the intention of continuing to contribute meaningfully to the field.

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