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College of Arts and Humanities

Piano Audition Requirements

For New Piano Students

An audition before the Piano faculty is necessary in order to complete your acceptance into the CWU Department of Music program.

Audition Requirements
Audition requirements consist of two contrasting pieces to be performed preferably from memory. Chosen repertoire could include selections from the Inventions, Sinfonias or Preludes and Fugues of Bach, a Classical sonata movement of Mozart, Haydn or Beethoven, and/or a work by Debussy, Bartok or other Modern master.

Piano Scholarship
Scholarships will be based on the effectiveness of the student’s performance in the audition and the level of difficulty of the repertoire.

Audition Registration
Before you can audition you must register for an audition time. Please use the online audition form found on our Audition Information Page. You should also consider submitting recommendation forms, also found on that page.

Contact Dr. John Pickett for more information concerning piano auditions.

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