Oboe Audition Requirements

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For New Oboe Students

In order to complete your acceptance into the CWU Department of Music program, you must audition for the music faculty. This gives us an opportunity to hear the level you have achieved in your musical skills and it gives you the opportunity to discuss your development with collegiate instructors.

For your audition we recommend the following:

  1. Select music which best displays your performance level.
  2. We strongly recommend you prepare your audition material under the supervision of your private teacher and/or music director.


  1. One fast and one slow Barret etude.
  2. One Ferling etude.
  3. Two movements from standard oboe literature:
    Mozart: oboe quartet, Britten: 6 Metamorphoses, Poulenc Sonata, Saint-Saens Sonata
    Handel Sonatas, Marcello Concerto; Handel Concerti; Mozart Concerto, etc.
  4. Two major scales of your choice, using the fullest range possible for the
    level of your current ability (more advanced students should be playing up to
    high F and high G and down to low Bb when necessary.)

Audition Registration
Before you can audition you must register for an audition time. Please use the online audition form found on our Audition Information Page. You should also consider submitting recommendation forms, also found on that page.

Auditions should be scheduled during our annual Audition Days, in January. For accommodation at another time, please contact Laura Goben. She can be reached by calling the Dept. of Music at 509-963-1216.

Large Ensemble Audition Requirements
For New and Returning Oboe Students wishing to play in a large ensemble

Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band auditions take place during the first week of each new quarter. Fall auditions have specific materials for all who intend to play in a large ensemble. Auditions for Winter and/or Spring will be announced as needed. Check our Audition Excerpts page to find specific audition excerpts for upcoming auditions.