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Digital Signage

Please use this new technology to promote your recitals and other department related events. Below are the specs you will need to adhere to when you submit content to Marcie.


The content that can be displayed must be the proper size and file format.

Following are your options:

  • File Formats Accepted
    • .JPG
    • .PNG
    • .FLV (H.264) recommended
    • .MP4 (H.264)
    • .SWF
  • Image / Video Size Options (pixels)
    • 757w x 441h
    • 578w x 601h
    • 759w x 356h

In order for us to accept and post your content, it MUST adhere to the above specifications and obviously be done in good taste as well as being related to the music program or University in general.

When creating content, please use a short, but descriptive name WITH NO SPACES. Please use a file name such as LarsenAllenRecital_757x441.png being sure to include the size designation. This will greatly aid us in inserting your ad in the proper container.