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Admission Procedures

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General Requirements
IMPORTANT! Please read ALL the information on this page.

ALL ENTERING STUDENTS, prospective composers included, who plan to pursue either a major or a minor in the Department of Music MUST AUDITION. Students who do not qualify initially for admission into the Department may be placed on departmental probation. This will allow them to enroll in some basic musicianship classes and pursue applied study on either the group or the secondary level. Probationary students may use the quarter-ending jury as an audition for reconsideration of their admission to the Music Department.
Procedures for Undergraduate Admission  
  1. 1. First, you must apply, and be accepted, to Central Washington University. You may do this online here!
  2. 2. Register for an audition by submitting the online form. If our audition dates, normally in January, have passed you by, a member of our department will contact you to set up your audition time.
    3. Prepare for your applicable theory, and audition, by referring to the specific requirements listed in the sections below, whether incoming freshman or transfer student.

Incoming Freshman

There is a prerequisite for entering the beginning music theory sequence (MUS 144) at CWU. This requirement is for all incoming Freshman.

If you do not complete either of the above requirements by AUGUST 1st you will be removed from the fall beginning theory courses.

Incoming Freshman Audition Requirements:

Transfer Students

In addition to general education courses, transfer students wanting to major in music at CWU should have completed two years of Music Theory (Written and Aural Skills), Two years of Applied lessons on a major instrument or voice, and also developed basic piano skills (if piano is not your major instrument).  If you do not have any courses in these areas, then you will begin at the first year level as a music major at CWU. Yes, you will be a freshman and it will take a minimum of four years to complete your music degree.

If you are a transfer student, but have yet to take any music courses, follow the incoming freshman instructions to the left.

If you have taken music courses and you want to receive credit for taking these courses, please read the "Transfer Students" section of the Undergraduate Handbook to learn how. (Please note the time of the required Theory Diagnostic Exam below)

Please note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or the degree program

Theory Diagnostic Exam Time: CWU's McIntyre Music building

  • Summer 2016 (TBA)

Your registration for other music courses, including applied music (private lessons), will be in jeopardy if you do not take this exam.

Transfer Student Audition Standards:

Graduate Admissions

Please visit our Graduate Studies page for more information.
Scholarship Information

The Music Department offers scholarships ranging from $100.00 to $1,500.00 per year. These are available to both entering and currently enrolled students at Central. Other scholarships are available through the University Financial Aid Office. In addition, a limited number of assistantships are available for graduate students.

Scholarship Information