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General Trom​bone Resources

Sheet Music

Instrument Care

Instrument Purchase

Professional grade instruments that I recommend include:

  •   Bach 42B, 42BO, 42A, 42AX
  • Conn 88H, 88HO, 88HCL
  • Yamaha Xeno YSL-8820R (Larry Zalking/Ko-Ichiro Yamamato design)
  • Getzen Custom Series 3047AF, 3047AFR
  • Andreas Eastman ETB630, ETB630G, ETB634, ETB634G

Custom instrument craftsmen whom I recommend include:

Slide Technique

  • Ian Bousfield – a video tutorial on proper slide technique by one of the world’s greatest


  • Ian Bousfield – a video tutorial on proper articulation/tonguing


  • David Vining – perhaps the most physiologically accurate approach to PROPER breathing
  • The Breathing Blog – incredible resource for PROPER physiological breathing


  • David Wilke – video tutorial presenting the form and function of various embouchure types

Bass Trombone

  • Doug Yeo – a comprehensive and informative resource for all things bass trombone
  • Paul Pollard – informative video tutorials on various aspects of bass trombone

Trombone Throughout History

  • Will Kimball – perhaps the most comprehensive timeline of trombone history
  • David Guion – great summary article by one of the world’s leading trombone historians

Performance Anxiety/Performance Preparation

The Audition Circuit


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