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College of Arts and Humanities

Leslie Schneider

Music Education

Leslie Schneider teaches full-time elementary music at Valley View Elementary in Ellensburg. She previously taught in the Yakima School district as a traveling teacher in four elementary schools for three years and has worked in the Ellensburg School District for 22 years. She graduated from LaCenter High School and studied piano lessons from Beulah Cheever for 9 years, participating in national and international piano auditions throughout high school.

Leslie won Clark County’s piano solo contest in 1969 and was a featured soloist at her graduation and at a county-wide recital. Leslie received her BA and MA in Music Education from Central Washington University, along with classes from Clark College and Portland State University. She was elected as a member of Pi Kappa Lambda in 1995. In 2002, her 3rd graders won a $10,000 contest from Oscar Mayer that helped stock her music room instruments, technology and materials. She was named Ellensburg’s Teacher of the Year in 2006. And for the past several years, she has worked with Music Express Magazine and the Hal Leonard Company as a Star Teacher.

Her performance groups have been featured in MENC’s World’s Largest Concert twice, and once at the WMEA Yakima Conference. She works with ESD 105’s Artfusion project as a trainer for the state music CPBA’s and has donated her music composition unit lessons to ESD 105 for their training sessions.


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