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Horn Private Lessons

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General Expectations 
  • Expect to be true to yourself 
  • Expect to be honest and open with me 
  • Expect consistency in practice and interest 
  • Accept responsibility for: Improvement
  1. Laziness 
  2. Practice Plans (consult as needed)
  3. Specific Design for each lesson (consult...) 
  4. Short and Long Term Goals (consult...) 
As you have chosen music as a career, at least for the time being, the initial expectation is that intelligent choices will be weighed and intelligent decisions will be made, based on your desire and motivation to pursue this career choice. 
I prefer to assume the role of "resource" such that as you survey and learn about your chosen field of study, I will be able to direct you to materials, etc. that will help you satisfy your interests and goals. I have no qualms about exerting direction or encouraging increased responsibility in actions and habits, however, the assumption remains that you will take responsibility for your own decisions and follow through on them, accepting both the positive and negative consequences. 
It is expected that every effort will be made to seek out and acquire (i.e., purchase) materials used in lessons and performances, such as etude and excerpt books, solo and chamber literature. Consult with me before any purchase. 
Please ask for any and all help as we both continue to learn about ourselves, each other, and music.
Attendance Responsibilities 
(applicable to both instructor and student) 
  1. The number of lessons required in a given term is equivalent to the number of full weeks of classes , excluding exam week. Partial weeks at the beginning of each quarter are reserved for individual advising and planning meetings. For state or federal holidays when classes are not held, the lesson missed will not require a make-up, however, make-up time may be offered at the instructors discretion. 
  2. If a lesson is to be missed, the responsibility of rescheduling lies with the person responsible for the miss. It is encouraged that every effort to postpone/reschedule lessons will be made at a respectful time interval in advance.
  3. If a lesson is missed without sufficient prior notification, the lesson will not be made up. Extenuating circumstances will be discussed on an individual basis. 
  4. The same attendance responsibilities apply to all scheduled studio classes. Studio classes are considered to be a part of the lesson. 
  5. Juries are required for every quarter of registration for private lessons. 
Lesson Specifics and Practice Guidelines 
It is expected that, in general, students will arrive at lessons already warmed up. Lessons will involve choosing from prepared material taken from the categories below, perhaps on a rotating basis. 
  • Well-designed Warmup: 20-45 minutes every day 
  • Etude work addressing general needs and problem areas: 1-3 etudes per lesson (45 minutes per day) 
  • Solos and Chamber Works according to interests and needs: 1 per lesson (30 minutes per day) 
  • Orchestral Excerpts: 2-4 per lesson (1-3 hours per day, including listening) 
As you can see, the above estimates can add up to over three hours of practice a day. As your priorities and intensity levels shift from day to day, think also in the following terms to clarify how the amount of time you spend effects your progress. 
  1. First Hour Maintain where you are, with a little progress. 
  2. Second Hour This is where specific improvements take place.
  3. Third Hour This hour gives you the endurance for a playing career. 
Click here for suggestions regarding Preparation and Practice Strategies
For more specific information regarding learning outcomes and desirable skills, consult the Course of Study.


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