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College of Arts and Humanities

Honors Program

Department Honors in Music may be awarded to a music major with outstanding ability who has demonstrated superior musicianship and scholastic attainment by means of a suitable project approved and evaluated by an honors committee chosen for their expertise in the area of study.  Applications are submitted to Department Honors Advisor.  The Honors Advisor:

  1. Receives the application from the student
  2. Submits the application/proposal to faculty whose expertise is in the topic proposed for approval
  3. Forms an honors committee with an appointed primary Project Advisor
  4. Assists the Advisor and committee in the implementation and evaluation process.

Admission to the Honors Program:
The student must submit a letter of application to the Honors Advisor in the junior or senior year, stating:

  • The title, nature, and scope of the proposed honors project, including why this particular project is deserving of honors consideration (what makes it special or beyond normal studies).
  • The expected date of completion.
  • The number of clock hours and quarters expected to be spent completing the project (used to estimate number of credits of enrollment).
  • Current GPA in Music
  • Current overall GPA

Approval Procedure:

The Honors Advisor receives application letter and contacts faculty members, including the likely Project Advisor, for consultation regarding nature and scope of project, and evaluation of whether the project and candidate are at an appropriate level for honors credit. The student may also be asked to complete an interview with the honors advisor and potential committee members.  The results of this process will provide:

  • Approval (or not) of the proposed project.
  • Preliminary concerns and recommendations for successful completion of the proposed project.  The student may also be required to take courses to augment appropriate skills related to successful completion of the project.
  • Number of individual study credits (MUS 497, 1-12 credits) to be devoted to the project. These credits may be spread over more than one quarter.
  • Appointment and descriptions of roles for student’s honors committee, including chair/project advisor
  • Collective understanding of the nature and form of the completed project, timeline for completion, and other details deemed necessary.

Once approved, the student registers for MUS 497 with the project advisor.

Projects Appropriate for Honors (but not limited to):

  • Solo Recital or Lecture Recital with covering paper
  • Original composition with covering paper
  • Arrangement (instrumental, choral, or combination) with covering paper
  • Supervision or direction of a musical performance with covering paper
  • Scholarly research paper
  • Pedagogical project or research with covering paper
  • Lecture-recital with covering paper
  • Major operatic role performance with covering paper
  • Major solo performance (concerto, oratorio, suite, cycle, etc.) with band, orchestra, choir, or chamber ensemble with covering paper.

Scholarly and Music Requisites:

  • Cumulative overall GPA of 3.00
  • Music GPA of 3.40
  • Outstanding ability and superior musicianship demonstrated in completed projects.

Final Project Acceptance Requirements
Approval of the completed project by the honors committee, after consultation with the honors advisor.  Upon completion, a grade is given for the last credits for which the student is registered.  Students completing projects will receive congratulatory certificates indicating receipt of Music Department Honors.

For more details on the honors program, contact:

Dr. Jeffrey Snedeker
Department of Music
Central Washington University
400 East University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7458
Phone 509-963-1226
Fax 509-963-1239

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