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Entrance Standards, Clarinet

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The standards below are applicable to transfer students wishing to enter CWU at the 300 level.

"The man who think he can
and the man who thinks he can't are both right"

- Henry Ford

Students playing the clarinet.

Junior level

All major, melodic minor, chromatic and whole tone scales from The Foundation Studies for Clarinet by David Hite – quarter note = 100 for music ed majors, 112 for performance majors

Two selctions (one lyrical and one highly technical – approx. 10 minutes of music) selected from the following list:

  • Milhaud: Sonatine
  • Poulenc: Sonata
  • Schumann: Fantasy Pieces
  • Stravinsky: Three Pieces For Clarinet Solo
  • Weber: Concerto No. 1, Grand Dou Concertante, Variations 0 p. 33
  • Bernstein: Sonata
  • Brahms: Sonatas
  • Haydn, Cello Concerto
  • Jacob, Five Pieces
  • Jeanjean: 18 and 25 Studies
  • Lutoslawski: Dance Preludes
  • Manevich: Concerto
  • Martinu: Sonatina
  • Messager, Solo De Concours
  • Mozart: Concerto
  • Perier: Sonata Collection
  • Saint-Saens, Sonata
  • Spohr, Concerto No. 1


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