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CWU Jazz Festival Information

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For 2016

A non-competitive sharing of music between both vocal and instrumental jazz ensembles. It is the expectation that groups will stay and listen to each other. Friday May 6th will be Vocal Jazz Day, Friday & Saturday, May 20-21, will be Jazz Band Day.

This year Vocal Jazz day has been moved in order to have a connection to the Collegiate Vocal Jazz Summit, which will be happening on Saturday. This will make for a Vocal Jazz two day affair in early May!

The festival is non-competitive, however groups will be adjudicated (ratings by request) and given clinics. No awards will be made for ensemble performance. Ensembles will be given feedback in clinic form of approximately 20-25 minutes with an adjudicator following each performance. Central’s top jazz ensembles will perform at the end of the day with a guest artist during which outstanding musicians from the day will be recognized. Large ensembles should be comprised of at least 12 members with a maximum of 30 members. Groups smaller than 12 will be considered combos. There will be no combo division for this year's festival.

Guest Artist
Each day of the festival a guest artist will give a clinic to all festival participants and will perform during the final concert at the end of the day with CWU's top ensembles.

We welcome and encourage schools to bring instrumental and vocal groups. We also encourage schools to bring multiple groups in each genre, if desired. We are able to accommodate middle school, high school, and college groups. If your school is entering multiple ensembles, regardless of genre, please use a separate entry form for each.

Due to the nature of the event, there is no need for divisions within vocal and instrumental genres. Groups will be evaluated against a standard, and be given feedback appropriately, regardless of size, age, or experience.

A master time schedule and other information will be sent to all ensemble directors in mid April. Groups will be scheduled according to date of confirmation and completed payment, performance time preference and distance from the festival site. There is a limit on the number of applicants that can be accepted. The more quickly the confirmation is sent, the better.

Each group will be limited to 25 minutes for warm-up in an assigned rehearsal room. This room will contain chairs, stands and a piano but no other equipment.

The festival will provide the equipment listed below at each performance site:

  • PA System w/ 2 solo mics, piano mic and 16 vocal mics
  • Acoustic Piano
  • Bass Amp
  • Guitar Amp
  • Music Stands, Chairs
  • Drum Set (NO cymbals)

***This means you will need to bring your own cymbals and stands***

During your group's performance, one adjudicator will write comments and another will provide a clinic following your performance in another room. Through a rotation of either writing or providing clinics, you and your students will get direct, constructive feedback concerning your performance.

Each group will perform two or more selections within the 25-minute time limit. It is strongly suggested that all music be in the jazz style, and include a jazz ballad.

Each group will be provided a recording of your performance.

Location, Location, Location!
The will take place in the Jerilyn S. McIntyre Music Building. Completed in 2004, this facility boasts pristine acoustics, state-of-the-art recording and first-class surroundings. 

Check in & Time Estimates
Registration/check in on the days of the festival is in the Jerilyn S. McIntyre Music Building rotunda. The festival will start at approximately 8:30am and end at approximately 6pm each day. 

Outstanding musicians will be recognized and given certificates.

For more information, contact Festival Director Chris Bruya at 509-963-1426, or email