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2005 Jazz Band Reunion
Wanz returns to CWU

CWU Bands

Wind Ensemble | Symphonic Winds | Symphonic Band | Marching Band | Pep Band
Lewis Norfleet | Mark Lane | Wind Festival | Band Auditions

Student rehearsingStudent playing tubaMarching band student playing tromboneClose up of student playing euphoniumMarching band students playing various instruments

Close up of marching band students playing trumpetsMARCHING BAND SIGN UP!! CLICK HERE

The Central Washington University Bands have a long and distinguished history of excellence, appearing frequently at state, regional, national, and international conferences.

The majority of students in the bands are undergraduate music majors pursuing degrees in music education or performance. Non-music major from other academic disciplines also participate in the ensembles. A common thread of academic focus in all ensembles is reflected in our department motto--

"Music at Central - Where Teaching is a Performing Art."

Close up of student playing tromboneThe CWU Band Program:

  • Wind Ensemble
  • Symphonic Winds
  • Symphonic Bands 
  • Wildcat Marching Band
  • Pep Band
  • Jazz Bands
Wind Ensemble
Marching Band

Lewis Norfleet, Conductor

Mark Lane and
Lewis Norfleet, Conductor
Mark Goodenberger - Drum Line
Symphonic Winds
Pep Band
Mark Lane, Conductor
Matthew Vegh, Graduate Conductor

Matthew Vegh, Conductor
Symphonic Band 
Mark Lane, Lewis Norfleet, Conductors
Matthew Vegh, Graduate Conductor