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Choral Ensembles

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We invite you to become part of this great tradition!

Whether you are an accomplished choral singer or you want to develop and refine abilities in a friendly environment, you can find a place in one of our choirs – whose members have one thing in common; a love of making music. Each group is described below, along with meeting times, the group’s focus, usual size, meeting times and requirements for being in the group.

Each choir has its own niche. All of them perform a wide variety of quality repertoire of various levels of difficulty. All choirs perform concerts throughout the year, and each choir performs at least once per quarter.

Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir is CWU's premiere choral ensemble. Requiring a rigorous audition for entrance along with a full school year commitment, this group is open to students sophomore and above.

Meets: M, W, Th, F - 2:00-3:15 (an additional one hour weekly sectional is required, usually Tues. 2-2:50 )

Course #: 
MUS 268 (Soph.), MUS 468 (Jr. Sr.) MUS 568 (Graduate)
Dr. Gary Weidenaar - Director

Women's Choir

Women's Choir is an auditioned ensemble, usually 15-30 voices singing music written for women's voices. It is designed for those women who read music, with prior singing experience

Meets: M, W, F 12:00-12:50

Course #:
MUS 211 (Fresh., Soph.), MUS 411 (Jr., Sr.) 
Dr. Gary Weidenaar - Director

University Chorale

University Chorale is a non-auditioned mixed choir of over 100 voices which performs a wide variety of outstanding concert and multi-cultural repertoire. It is designed for non-majors who like to sing, music education majors, and experienced singers who want to be exposed to more repertoire.

Meets: M, T, W, F – 11:00-11:50

Course #:
MUS 267 (Fresh., Soph.), MUS 467 (Jr., Sr.) MUS 567 (Grad)
NOTE: University Chorale is listed simply “choir” in the online catalog
Prof. Vijay Singh - Director

Men's Choir

Men's Choir is a non-auditioned group of between 25 and 40 voices open to all who like to sing, It is designed for non-majors who like to sing, music education majors, and experienced singers who want to perform music just for men’s voices. NEW MEETING TIME AND NEW CONDUCTOR. The men"s choir will rehearse from 12:00 - 12:50 PM on M.W,F (New Time - different from last year!)

Meets: M,W,F 12:00 - 12:50

MUS 228 (Fresh., Soph.), MUS 428 (Jr., Sr.)
Dr. Scott Peterson - Director


Vocal Jazz Groups

CWU offers two vocal jazz ensembles. Each of them is designed for the singer who wants to experience the thrill of close harmony singing in the jazz idiom.

Vocal Jazz I
Vocal Jazz II

Chamber Choir and University Chorale are considered large ensembles (this only matters for music majors). Chamber Choir and Women's Choir are auditioned groups, University Chorale, Men's Choir and Central Singers are open to anyone who wishes to sing in a Central Choir.  Up to six quarters of Men's and Women's Choirs can be substituted for large ensemble credits.

For more information about Choral Ensembles, contact Director of Choral Studies, Dr. Gary Weidenaar at 963-1616 or email at


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