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Bass Audition Requirement

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For New Bass Students

In order to complete your acceptance into the CWU Department of Music program, you must audition for the music faculty. This gives us an opportunity to hear the level you have achieved in your musical skills and it gives you the opportunity to discuss your development with collegiate instructors.

For Bass Students Pursuing a Performance Degree
If you would like to audition for admission to the BM in Performance, we would like you to come prepared to complete the requirements section below. We recommend you select a solo that best demonstrates your current skills. It is desirable to choose a piece that is competitive at the district or (preferably) state contest level, emphasizing both musical and technical capabilities. If you have any questions about audition repertoire, please email Anna Jensen.


  • One movement from one of the following double bass concerti: Bottesini, Capuzzi, Dittersdorf, Dragonetti, Koussevitsky, or Vanhal
  • One contrasting solo work of the applicant’s choice
  • Two scales (one major, one melodic minor) of the applicant’s choice in two or three octaves.

For Bass Students Pursuing a Music Ed. or Composition Degree
In general, there is no difference in the expectations of performance level for any music major, but those who wish to major in music education, but may feel under-prepared or insecure about their current performance skills, may choose a piece of music that demonstrates either musical or
technical skills.


  • One 2-octave scale.
  • One movement of a concerto, sonata or concert piece that demonstrates highest level of technical and musical achievement on their instrument.

Before you can audition you must register for an audition time. Please use the online audition form found on our Audition Information Page. You should also consider submitting recommendation forms, also found on that page.

Ensemble Audition Requirements

For New and Returning Bass Students wishing to play in a large ensemble

Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band auditions take place during the first week of each new quarter. Fall auditions have specific materials for all who intend to play in a large ensemble.You will find these excerpts below. Auditions for Winter and/or Spring will be announced as needed. Check our Audition Excerpts page for specific bass excerpts. In addition, students auditioning for fall 2017 should prepare 1-2 minutes of a solo of your choice in addition to the Mozart, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky pdf excerpts.

Contact Dr. Caoile for more information.

Jazz Band auditions will take place during the first week of each new quarter. Visit the Jazz Auditions page for more information, charts, and scheduled times. Contact Professor Bruya if you have any further questions.

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