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Central Washington University

Music Teacher Revered for Her Tough Love

Music lecturer Maria Roditeleva-Wibe points to a sheet of music.

CWU Music Teacher Revered for her Tough Love — At age 7, Maria Roditeleva-Wibe was reduced to tears as she sat in front of the television set in her childhood home in the former Soviet Union.

By MATT CARSTENS, Daily Record

The tears were not joyous ones, nor did they come from a particularly sad place. The tears came from pure frustration as she watched a pianist leave no ivory untouched while performing Franz Liszt’s “Hungarian Fantasy” with an orchestra.

Although Roditeleva-Wibe had only been playing for a few years, her eyes welled from watching the piece that she was unable to perform — yet.

“I practiced like crazy,” Roditeleva-Wibe said, now a music lecturer at Central Washington University. “Not because someone forced me or I had to, I just loved doing it. Not only the moment when you play the piece, but even the process of practicing itself was very enjoyable for me then and now.” Read the rest of this story on the Daily Record's website.

PHOTO: Central Washington University music lecturer Maria Roditeleva-Wibe points to a sheet of music projected on a screen during a class in the Jerilyn S. McIntyre Music Building at CWU. (Brian Myrick / Daily Record)

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