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Museum of Culture and Environment

Upcoming Exhibits

Fall 2016

One Way Ticket to Mars?  Colonization and Beyond...  What scientific, engineering and social challenges must be surmounted, if human beings are travel to Mars and reside on its surface over the long term? Would you be willing to undertake a one way trip to the Red Planet? Do human beings have the ethical right to "terraform" Mars, transforming its ecosystem into one that resembles the Earth?

Winter 2017

Moving Stories: Objects of Migration.  Personal objects lent by local families help chronicle stories of migration, near and far.  How do physical things connect us to remembered homelands and help us as we adjust to new surroundings?

Spring 2017

A Star is Born: Understanding the Physics of Star Formation.     How do dense regions in interstellar space fuse to create stars? We examine recent images of spectacular "stellar nurseries" and consider our emerging understanding of varied patterns and processes through which stars are created.


Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.