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Museum of Culture and Environment

Solar System Model

"Under Construction"

Our scale model of the solar system stretches across Central Washington University. The "sun,"  the size of a baseball, hangs from the entrance of the Museum. "Pluto" is located in the Art Department in Randall Hall. Explore campus to find other solar system objects!

Model scale: 1 : 18,560,000,000

Student curator:  Liz Seelye ’16

Faculty advisors:  Bruce Palmquist (Physics and Science Education) and Mark Auslander (Anthropology and Museum Studies)

This installation is made possible by the CWU Mosaic2 GearUp Project and the Museum of Culture and Environment. Special thanks to Drew Johnson ’16, J. Hope Amason, Lynn Bethke, and the ThinkZone’s solar system scale model calculator.

Click here for the CWU campus map of planetary orbits.

Click here to learn more about the night sky over Ellensburg, WA.






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