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Creating a Puzzle Room at the Museum

Puzzle Room Video

Online exhibits

Since 2009, the Museum has shared more than 75 exhibits in Dean Hall. On this page, you'll find online exhibits from the Museum of Culture and Environment.

The Spectacle Puzzle of 5th and Main


The photographs in this online exhibit were taken by Rasaan Burke in Ellensburg, Washington, during the summer and fall of 2020. "Ellensburg Calls to Action," a community group dedicated to ending racism in Ellensburg and to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, held signs on the corner of 5th Ave. and Main St. for over 4 months or 132 days, throughout rain, heat, cold weather, and the famous "Ellensburg Wind." 













The Living Room

Not to be intrusive . . . but what’s your living room like? Back in 2018, we asked this question to nine Central WA community members and they answered! The MCE and Ellensburg photographer Rob Fraser present to you the online exhibit “The Living Room.” Satisfy your inner voyeur! Then reflect . . .What does your living room say about you?


Monkeys Do... We Do Too?

An expanded version of 2019-2020's Window on Central, Monkeys Do... We Do Too? Studying Tibetan Macaques in the Valley of the Wild Monkeys, explores similarities and differences between human and macaque behavior, based on the research of CWU Faculty and student researchers. 








Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.