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Current Exhibits

BINDING CULTURE: LIVING LANDSCAPES AND MATERIAL LIFE IN NORTHERN LUZON, PHILIPPINES    An exhibition co-organized by Ellen Schattschneider and Lynn Bethke, featuring indigenous textiles and basketry from the Cordillera region of northern Luzon, Opening April 9.

Binding Cultures celebrates the artistic brilliance and technological creativity of the peoples of the Philippines’ Cordillera region in Northern Luzon..  The objects in this exhibition integrate practical functions and aesthetic power, illustrating the social and environmental adaptability of their creators in a rapidly changing world.


FACTS ON COMPOSTING.   This traveling exhibition from the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders explores the benefits of large-scale composting as well as how citizens can help commercial composting facilities in Washington State be good neighbors, with respect to odor and environmental health concerns. On view from April 1-30. Supported by funds from a Public Participation Grant through the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The Wenas Creek Mammoth

Ongoing - Dean Hall Lobby
Thousands of years ago, a mProfessor Pat Lubinski Stands next to a life sized mammoth imageammoth was buried in the hillside near the Wenas Creek in Selah, WA. In 2005, its remains were discovered and a team from Central Washington University, headed by Pat Lubinski, began the careful process of removing the bones from the hillside. The Wenas Creek Mammoth exhibit in the MCE lobby and Window On Central display exhibit explores what the team found and what they have found out about the mammoth. The exhibit features real mammoth bones in the display case.