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Multimodal Learning

Multimodal Faculty Symposia Recordings


ESCALA Faculty Symposium Series

        February 14, 2022 ESCALA Faculty Symposium

        February 7, 2022 ESCALA Faculty Symposium

Spring 2021

6/7/2021 - Open Faculty Discussion Symposium

5/7/2021 - The Call is Coming From Inside the House: How Grades Can Undermine Learning and Jeopardize our Student's Wellbeing

4/23/2021 - Motivating and Empowering Students: In-Person, Online, & at a Distance (FAC017)

4/16/2021 - Ask an Expert Live Q&A: Evidence-Based Teaching (FAC025)

4/9/2021 - Success for All Teaching Strategies (FAC024)

4/2/2021 - Designing with Equity and Engagement in the Forefront (FAC018)

Winter 2021

3/19/2021 - Ask an Expert Live Q&A: Active & Adaptive Learning (FAC023)

3/12/2021 - Personalized Adaptive Learning Beyond Stem (FAC022)

3/5/2021 - Every Learner Everywhere, Any Place, Any Time? (FAC019)

2/19/2021 - Ask an Expert Live Q&A: Inclusive Teaching (FAC021)

2/12/2021 - Addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Issues in STEM Education (FAC020)

2/5/2021 - Differentiated Instruction for Equity in Higher Education (FAC016)

1/29/2021 - Ask an Expert Live Q&A: What Faculty Need to Know (FAC015)

1/22/2021 - Transform Engagement: Interaction and Online Course Design (FAC014)

1/15/2021 - Teaching in the Time of COVID: What Makes a Difference? (FAC013)

Fall 2020

11/04/2020 - Beyond Busy Work: Engaging in Online Discussions (FAC011.0006) 

10/14/2020 - Introduction to VR in Education with Nat Nickel (FAC011.005)

9/15/20 - Building in Resiliency: Online Tools for Student Engagement (FAC011.004)

Spring/ Summer 2020

5/29/20 - Online Student Engagement (FAC011.0003)

4/24/20 - Online Teaching Strategies (FAC011.0002)

3/20/20 - Essentials for Moving Courses Online (FAC011.0001)


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