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Multimodal Learning

Model Online Courses

Are you ready to take your course online? Would you like to learn how to create a more effective online learning experience for your students?

Here we are highlighting exemplary fully online courses taught by faculty at CWU.  Each one is designed and taught in unique ways.  You will find that each instructor employs specific best practices to foster student success in online learning.  Review each example to see the variety in approaches that can be taken when designing and teaching an online course.

Model Courses using Canvas:

Occupational Health - SHM102.A01

Designed and instructed by Morgan Bliss (Safety and Health Management)

Introductory Physics with Lab  - PHYS111.A01

Designed and instructed by Bruce Palmquist (Physics)

Principles of Organizational Behavior - MGT386.A01

Designed and instructed by Todd Weber (Management)

Critical Reading and Responding - ENG101.A01

Designed and instructed by Joseph Johnson (English)


Follow these steps to learn about designing and teaching an online course:

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