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Multimodal Learning

Faculty Showcase For Innovative Teaching 2022

Joy and Delayna

The first annual Faculty Showcase provided faculty an opportunity to share with one another various instructional strategies and technologies used to improve student engagement and learning over the past two years.

Three awards were presented at the Multimodal Learning event. Dr. Josh Welsh, English and Dr. Ana Freire, Health Sciences were awarded an Innovative Excellence award and Professor Lynn Swedberg, Accessibility Studies was awarded the Faculty Innovator of the Year 2022 award. 

Faculty Video Presentations

Mark Perez:
Fun and Engaging Formative Assessment Using Kahoot
Dan Martin:
Video Feedback in Online Writing Assignments
Luke Williams:
Take Your Online Video to New Places
Olivia Holter:
Fostering Student Connection Through Flipped Classroom Discussions

Brian Lawrence:
Electronic Press Kit for CWU Music Students

Kate Mastruserio Reynolds: Breaking the Ice in Online Synchronous Classes
Michael Braunstein:
Using Inkscape to Create Technical Drawings
Jenny Cravens:
Creating a Digital Whiteboard with the Wacom One Tablet
Josh Welsh:
Improve Student Outcomes Through Draft,  Feedback, Revision Process
Ian Quitadamo:
The Learning Inventory: Responding to the Data Behind Student Learning Fingerprint


3-Minute Lightning Round Presentations

Bruce Palmquist: Guided Community Research Project Using Canvas and Microsoft Tools Ana Freire:
Active Team-Based Learning
Chris Schedler:
Ready to Pivot? Adapting Digital Tools for Multiple Modalities 
Jennifer Serne:
Virtual Emergency Response Tabletop Exercise
Kristine Miller:
TILTED Teaching: Increasing Transparenccy and Student Success
Sean Dahlin:
Sports Podcasting Assesment
Lynn Sweberg:
Mini-Audits: Teaching Hands-on Skills in an Online Environment
Mimi Capote:
Games & Apps in International Marketing
Naomi Petersen:
Watch Parties! Another Way to Engage Online Students


Faculty Poster Presentations

Peter Boyle:
Fostering Student Engagement in Online Courses
Tamara Caulkins:
Shell Study: A History/Taxonomy Exercise
Jean Marie Linhart: Rethinking Grading Becky Pearson: Academic Accompaniment: A New Framework Allowing My Work with Students to be a Walk with Students Kayla Robinson: Collaborating and Connecting in Asynchronous Learning Spaces



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