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How to Search Google Images for Large Images

Open your browser and visit

google hippopotamus in search bar


  1. Type in your search terms.
  2. Select "Google search" or press return (or enter).

Select Images tab

google search images hippopotamus

  1. Select on the images tab to limit search to the images database.

Use the image filters to limit your search.

hippopotamus google image search

  1. Select on Search Tools to reveal advanced filter options.
  2. Select Size.
  3. Select Larger than...
  4. Select your preferred parameters (e.g. for a 36 inch by 24 inch poster printed at 150 dpi, the resolution should be at least 5400 x 3600)

    NOTE: In addition to selecting a size of image that is of sufficient resolution to be included in your poster, you'll also want to ensure that the image is licensed for use and that you attribute it correctly.


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