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Black Hall Posting Exception Request

A Black Hall Exception Request is a Black Hall activity that is produced for the betterment of the CWU community. These activities may be for civic awareness, social interaction, or educational enrichment. These programs may be sponsored by currently recognized ASCWU Student Organizations, clubs, CWU Departments and all Service & Activity Funded areas. The Exception Request will be in compliance with existing University Posting, Commercial Activities and the Black Hall Building posting guidelines.

The Black Hall Building Committee retains the right to accept all or part of the Exception Request. Approval or disapproval of the Exception Request does not reflect the Black Hall Building Committee's assessment of the value of the activity.

An Exception Request is designed to provide a temporary exception to standard operational policies which may include posting in Black Hall. the user of the space may be used for programs that involve extensive decorations, to be defined as those that hang from ceilings or walls. There is to be no signage on walls or other location that are not approved through the Black Hall Building committee.

All applications need to be submitted to the Chair of the Black Hall Building Committee at least 10 days prior to the event



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