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MEd Master Teacher

The Master Teacher specialization is a graduate program for classroom teachers that leads to a Master of Education (MEd) degree. The program integrates advanced learning opportunities to increase the candidate’s professional competence in serving K-12 students, school districts and the education profession.


The teacher-scholar attains the following attributes:

  • A teacher-scholar who is a leader and/or a participating member of his/her school community;
  • A teacher-scholar who forges new connections and fosters inquiry and research behaviors within students;
  • A teacher-scholar who facilitates the culture of learning in K - 12 students;
  • A teacher-scholar who reflects critically on professional issues and contributes, through independent analysis and research, to the professional knowledge base.


The MEd Master Teacher Program accepts students who have earned a teaching degree from an accredited institution, possess an approved teaching certification, and have a minimum 3.0 GPA for the last 90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits of academic work. Students must also have completed one year of contracted teaching experience (may include substitute teaching and part-time teaching experience) prior to graduating from the program.

Master Teacher Candidates will complete at least 48 credits as outlined in an approved Course of Study filed with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. The development of a Course of Study most appropriate to the professional goals and purposes of each individual student is encouraged.

Students can transfer up to 9 credits (501 and higher) from an accredited institution. Credits sought for transfer must be graded “B” or better and must have been completed no more than six years prior to the date of the student’s master’s degree program completion.


Master Teacher applicants must submit the following materials to the Office of Graduate Studies:

  1. A completed Admission Application.
  2. A written Statement of Objectives (500 words or less).
  3. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation written by professors or others capable of assessing your potential for success in a graduate program; one must be from a school principal.
  4. Official Transcripts from all universities and colleges attended (other than CWU).
  5. A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 payable at the time of filing application.


Required CoursesCredits
EDBL, EDCS, EDEL, or EDF 700 Thesis (or option)6
EDF 507Studies and Problems in Intercultural Education3
EDF 510Educational Research and Development4
Education Foundation and Research electives6
Area of emphasis electives29
Graduation Requirements48
Schedule of Courses - subject to change, please check with your advisor
Fall 2011EDF 567Educational Change3
 EDCS 513Creative Teaching (Dewey)3
 EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6
Winter 2012EDF 501Educational Foundations3
 EDF 511Planning for Learning3
 EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6
Spring 2012EDF 598Special Topics: Integrating Culture4
 EDCS 571Continuous Progress School3
 EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6
Summer 2012EDF 508Comparative Education3
 EDCS 545Classroom Teaching Problems3
 EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6
Fall 2012EDF 510Educational Research and Development4
 EDF 506Education Futurism3
 EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6
Winter 2013EDF 502History of Education3
 EDF 507Studies & Problems in Intercultural Ed.3
 EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6
Spring 2013EDF 503Philosophy of Education3
 EDF 505Educational Measurements for Teachers3
 EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6
Summer 2013EDCS 700Master’s Thesis or Project Study1-6


MEd Master Teacher (PDF)

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